Where Is My Lover?

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we all try to find and prove our love for someone.

Submitted: February 15, 2012

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Submitted: February 15, 2012



When love is abounding
It is seldom seen
Though it is felt by two in between
The deeper I love my soul is complete

It hides no shadows for which to compete
The stars in the night sky sparkle with my joy
As I find a love I have needed so long
She is beautiful and romantic

Outstanding in her qualities
A perfect diamond to know
Her eyes portray a love of life
That I wish I possessed

Yet I try my best to impress her
Maybe too strong and clingy
But the truth is I am learning as a novice
On the road to a future built with love

I know I am love
I feel it in my heart
And I know that without her
My entire world would fall apart

When we touch bodies together
My happiness reigns supreme
I am her lover
I am her man
I will be her champion
I know it
I can.

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