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self-frustration / anger / emotionless / discontentment

Submitted: June 10, 2009

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Submitted: June 10, 2009



My thoughts of freedom

Of growth subside

Nothing seemed to slow me down

Can't see, can't think straight

Blood in my eyes, tears collide.

Comfort me gently, hold me close

Never let go, I ask, I beg, I plead.

Evils grip has got me tight

Got at me with long black talons

Breaking my circulation, the air, I need...

I run and run through white forests

On fields of thin ice

That gives way with ease beneath me

Plunging me into another abyss of

cold, chilling, frozen, bleak, baren, darkness

In which there is no more fiery fury to release me

No black clouds to choke on

No searing ethers of the Underneath

No extatic cries of....hopelessness.

I stand beside a baren tree

Leafless, dead to the world, yet still breathing,

I teeter on a rocky cliff of watery origin

Crying tears of long forgotten glee

Of when I liked the way things used to be.

I shyly strived to be at home

Now I openly strive to be alone

Lying as I answer the test.

Sadly, free reign to those who are but one

Merits unawarded to those who wish

To be atlast without any action

To be like me in sleepless rest

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