Tales of the Abused Omega

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Omega is the lowest ranking in a pack and Emilia Snow held that rank. She was the omega in the Nightshade Pack. She was only that rank because she was the last to phase to her wolf and because she was the odd one. Emilia suffered from abuse that she endured for not only her family but also from her own pack. This is her tale as she suffers day in and day out of being abused and how someone came to save her. This is Tales of the Abused Omega.

(Warning graphic scenes ahead, if you are squimish of blood or easily triggered. I suggest highly not to read this. But if you chose to do so well I hope you enjoy)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: "Welcome to my Hell"

Emilia's Point of View -------------------------------------------------------------------- It was 2:45 in the morning and I was ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two: "You Don't Care"

Emilia's Point of View ---------------------------------------------------------   The morning came with the same dread ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three: "Beautiful Beyond Compared"

Emilia's Point of View  ---------------------------------------------------------   Kalen looked at me after I snap... Read Chapter

Chapter Four: "Wash all her Pain Away"

Kalen's Point of View ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It must have been hours as I just looked at my imprint admiring all of her... Read Chapter

Chapter Five: "Love Vs Lust"

Kalen's Point is View ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I couldn't force myself to leave Emilia's side. Cojo wouldn't allow to leave ... Read Chapter