guardian angels

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Mackenzie and Ethan thought they were perfect, until Ethan has to reveal a secret to Mackenzie that changes everything, and sets them up for a battle like no other.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



What would you do if every moment was a moment of sadness? What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and u never got to tell them how u felt? So I just wanted to tell you that even if I never get to talk to u again in my life, your special to me and you've mad a difference in my life. I look up to you, respect you and cherish you. I love you no matter what you mean so much to me I want to keep you to myself forever..


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


We walked down the tree lined dirt road holding hands, the sun was setting and the sky was red, orange and purple the shadows if trees and houses lined the sidewalkless road on both sides.

"wanna go skinny dipping?" Ethan says smiling

"well we can go swimming weather or not my cloths stay on is a surprise for me to know, and for you to find out." I say with a big smile on my face he stops walking to pants me. I stand there for a moment stunned as he runs. Away laughing twords the pond. I kick off my pants in the middle of the road and run after him. "I'm gonna get u!" I yell

"ok" he stops and smiles "you can have Me"his dirty blonde hair makes his beautiful bright blue eyes pop out magnifies slightly by his glasses. I run to him and fall into his arms. He smiles as he leans down for a Kiss. I take off my shirt throw it to the ground and dive into the water Ethan chases after me and stops at the waters edge to take off his cloths and runs in after me.

"so your going skinny dipping?" I say with a smile barely blushing.

"yeah, I like being naked.. And wet" he says grinning and swims closer to me to kiss me

"the sun set is so pretty.." I change the subject looking at the sky. He pucks me up and throws me in the water. I come up gasping fir air. "thanks fir the warning!". He's grinning. He does it again. When I come up I squirt water in his face. And he splashes me. I dive under and swim away. When I come up he's next to me laughing.

"your not a fast swimmer you know" he says getting another kiss this time i kiss back. "got u" he says smiling.

"no" I dive under and swim to shore.

"hey! I caught you! Now I get to throw you again..or something" he blushes and swims to me throws me in the water again. I come up and greet him with a stream of water in his face.

"ha! I win!" I walk up on shore and curl up into a towel. "babe I'm cold" I say shivering.

"oh" he walks out of the water and lays down a blanket over the sand and lays me down on it. He smiles and lays next to me holding me tight in his arms. "you can have my body heat" he says holding tighter against him. We lay together on the blanket and look at the stars. "they are so pretty..." he says.

"there are so many of them.. Like the freckles in my face" I say smiling.

"except yours are beautiful" he says. My face turns a dark pink and a smile.

"awww" I say. I feel my phone vibrate. "crap"


"I gotta go home... I'm sorry this is fun though, we should do it again, tomorrow."

"Imma walk u home"

"ok" i say taking his hand and starting to walk up the dirt road. When we get to my house he pulls me in for a final kiss. When I try to walk away he picks me up and walks the other way.

"hey! Babe I gotta go inside!" I say laughing.

"no I'm gonna kidnap you forever and ever!" he says smiling. He puts me down

And I try to run twords my house he grabs my hand and pulls me in for a kiss again. I smile and walk away. Then turn around and smile.

"I love you!"

"I love you to!" he says running after me.

"oh no." I start to run away from him as fast as I can but he still catches me and carries me to the porch of my house. I smile and giggle.

"thank you kind sir" I curtsy "I shall see you tomorrow?"

"yes ma'am" he does a little bow then turns and walks down the street.

"Mackenzie?" I hear from the living room.

"yes?" I say taking out my phone.

"dinner is on the stove"

"thanks, can I hang out with Ethan tomorrow?"


"thanks" I say going upstairs.


Text message: received 7:43pm today from Ethan.

She say yes?


Text message: sent 7:43pm today to Ethan.



Text message: received today 7:44pm from Ethan

Cool, wanna go2 the beach?


Text message: sent today 7:44pm to Ethan

Nah let's do something else


Text message: received today 7:46pm from Ethan


Hmmm whatabout you come over?


Text message: sent today 7:46pm to Ethan


Sure sounds fun :)


Text message: received 7:47pm from Ethan


Ok *kisses slowly* meet me at ur house then well go 2 mine ;)


Text message: sent today 7:50pm to Ethan


*kisses back* okie dokie sweet heart


I go to my room and plop on my bed. I take off my wet cloths and put on my dry pajamas then sprawl out on my bed, as I think about my day I start to fall asleep daydreaming about tomorrow.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


I wake up to a blast of sunshine shooting through my bedroom window. I lay there for a few seconds then grab my phone.

"damn, 11:15" I mutter to myself. I hear a guys voice downstairs I sit up lazily as I realize it's Ethan. I jump to my feet and search my room for a outfit I'd look good in. I find a tank top and slip it on with a black pair of caprees I slip on my neon green converse as u walk out if my room and downstairs.

"why good morning sleepy" Ethan says smiling at me. I turn and run back upstairs.

"I forgot something!" I yell closing my bedroom door I grab a hair brush and brush out my knotted brown wavy hair. Grab my brown eyeliner and highlights my blue eyes then I put

On a swab if mascara. My eyes look like they are gonna jump of my face. I smile at my reflection and go back to my room to get my money from inside my studded animal. Yeah stuffed animals are childish but don't u want something to hug when your sad? Somebody to tell all your secrets to? That's why I have them. I grab my stuffed dog and dig my finger into his back searching for the 20 bucks I had stashed in here for when me and Ethan went out to do something. I find it, shove it in my pocket and walk downstairs.

"got it" I say with a smile.

"ok you ready?" Ethan asks.

"yep" I say heading to the door.

"ok" he says turning to follow me we walk outside and into his car. He gets in the drivers side and I take the passenger seat.

"so what are we gonna do?" I ask as he pulls out of my driveway and drives down the road.

"well, I'm not really sure. What do u want to do?" he replies with a grin.

"movie?" I ask "but at your house."

"ooo should we rent one?"

"if you want, I wanna watch a scary one though"

"oh" he says with a smile "scary movies are so scary though"

"yeah I know, but I'm not that scared of them"


"Mhm" I smile "but don't worry I'll still act scared so you can male all your moves." I smile. His face turns punk and we pull into a block buster parking lot.

"let's watch 13 ghosts" I say handing him the movie.

"sure" he says. We walk up to the check out desk and I look at the pop corn and candy that lines the registers.  "want some?" he asks me noticing my stare at the big theater popcorn bucket.

"nahh" I say. He grabs it anyways and puts it next to the register.

"this to" he says to the check out guy. He gives us a " I hate my job " smile as he hands us our change and fastens his name rag on his shirt.

"thanks for coming to block buster your change is 10.57$ please come again." we ignore him take our stuff and walk away.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


Were sitting in his room on a blueish grey vouch watching the movie in the dark. Popcorn sits on my lap making the room smell like buttery goodness his arm rests around my shoulders and I'm leaning against him with my head on his shoulder. I pick up a piece and put it between my lips then kiss him. He eats it happily. Then leans down and kisses me. I kiss back...


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


I'm laying on my bed thinking about yesterday thinking about how little of that movie we actually watched and what the movie was about. I pick up my phone and text Ethan. Maybe he will want to go swimming again. Then I look outside and it's raining. I sigh and plop in my bed.


Text message: sent today 11:30am to Ethan


Hey,wanna come over and let me beat u at cod?


Text message: received today 11:30am from Ethan


Yeah. B right ovr :)


Text message: sent 11:32am to Ethan


Cool beans, I'll set it up.


I Toss my phone in my bed and go set the 360 up on my TV and put in call of duty modern warfare 2 I sign us in and set up the game. I hear knocking at my door as u score extra kills.

"come in" I say more focused in the game. In walks Ethan.

"hey!" he says picking up a controller and killing me. I grin and run up the ladder leading up to the big metal structure that allows you to see the entire map. I pull out my Barrett 50 cal and snipe him. He throws a grenade at me and I die.

" hey! Your supposed to let me win!" I say

"not all the time" he says shooting me again.

"meanie!" I say looking at his section if the screen.

"no screen peeking!" he says.

"too bad" I get a kill then run up the rusty pipe to the top of the blocky metal structure and falling into my snipers spot. " you won't-" he kills me. " ugh!" I say getting angry. I flick him on the head, he stands in front of me in the game, aims and stands there, pointing the gun at me. He slowly moved the scope up to my head then I shoot him and run away laughing. " you just got killed by a girl" I say

"I let you win." he says in a regretful tone if voice.

"I know" I shoot him again but the bullets seem to miss and I due instead. " I give up" I say tossing the controller on the floor and falling invent bed. " you win." he grins and sits on my bed near my feet I pull blankets over me. "I disappeared!" I say "I'm a ghost" I wiggle around in the blankets "ooooo" I say through a mess of giggles.

"Ahhh!" he pretends to be scared as I pounce in him knocking him down so he's laying across my bed. "are your parents home?"

"nope." I say smiling. He stands up and takes off his cloths and lies back down.

"there we go" he says smiling "now I'm comfortable" I hesitate to lay back down on him, then decide to lay across his chest and stomach. He pulls a blanket over his bottom half, blushing. I smile. And cuddle him.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


I wake up the next day still in his arms cuddling him I open my eyes to bursts of sunlight flashing through my windows and the TV on. I was still laying on top of his chest and the blanket found it's way to cover us both. I look up to see him looking at me smiling.

"your mom told me to stay, because you looked so comfortable in me" he says. I gotta thank her for that later.

"yeah you are a pretty good Teddy bear" I say smiling at him feeling my face turn pink as I realize my mom probably noticed he was naked but decided to let it go cuz we weren't doing anything she needed to worry about. I told her earlier everything that's gone on between me and him. How happy he makes me, she would have never wanted to ruin a moment like this. I smile. "we should fall asleep together more often"

"yeah" he says "seems like something we should do everyday for forever" I lay more across him and look up at him.

"something you should let me do more often is let me win at call of duty" I say sitting up to turn on the Xbox and grabbing a controller.

"nah" he says "we should play zombies so I don't have to let you win, you can just help me win"

"fine" I say "least i know I won't loose from you, only the zombies" I smile and log in giving Jim a controller and selecting music. "but I control the music" I hit play on a attack attack CD album.

"this is my last breath this is my last breath, I'm choking on my own words answer me.." I sing along killing a zombie and rebuilding a window. Attempting to imitate the screaming. He turns off the Xbox mid game. "heeeeey!" I say in a winey-kid voice "why'd you do that?!" I put the controller away sighing.

"I think we should do something else today" he smiles digging through his pants pockets then holds up two movie tickets "how about a movie then we can go get food."

My face turns into a smile and my cheeks turn pink "I'd like that" I get up and hug him we take longer then normal to let go then he pulls me in for a kiss. I've gotta get dressed." I say digging through my closet trying to find something to wear. I take a pair of white skinny jeans and toss them on the bed with my black studded belt then my black veil brides shirt And socks. I start to take off my cloths as I notice him staring, I smile. Blushing as I realize es never seen me naked before. I take off my cloths and replace them with my outfit.

"stupid cloths" I hear him mutter quietly to himself.

"are you gonna get dressed?" I ask him. He was still standing there baked, hypnotized by me.

"yeah" he says coming back down from boy-world. "we gotta go to my house first though so I can get cloths."

"okay" I smile "but you gotta at least out pants on before you go downstairs" I open my drawer and grab my cell phone, iPod, pencil. Gum, and my 20bucks I didn't use last night. Just in case. When I'm done searching I look at Ethan ad he's only wearing pants.

"you told me that's all i needed" we smile at each other and I let my eyes wander. He looked cute actually. Not Taylor-lautner-sexy-goregeous-


hot but average-guy hot. His skin was tan, his hair is blonde, slightly messy, glasses but not too dorky. Bright beautiful blue eyes, perfect lips not exactly abs but you can tell he has muscle from karate and kick-boxing. Not a "bad boy" but not a nerd. He was just my since if perfect. I slide a hat on my head and walk out of my room, downstairs grabbing his hand so he follows.

"mom I'm going over Ethan's house!" I say to the fridge grabbing chocolate milk and going out the door to ethans car.


Text message: received today 1:12pm from mom


B hme 4 diner making ur fav -mom


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


We get to his house and I walk into the smell of coffee and cinabuns. I just about wet myself it smelled so good. The door opened up to the kitchen I stood there breathing in the sent then looked over and saw a lady vent over in the oven a white apron tied around her fashioned into a bow on her back. Blue oven nits in her hands and a blonde wavy-straight hair cut.

"hey mom" Ethan says. She takes a baking sheet out of the oven an puts it on the stove then turns to us.

"hey mom." I say smiling at her.

"hey sweetie" she says with a  bright red lipstick lips smile bringing me in for a hug then Ethan. "glad to see you came home. Hun, where is your shirt?" she says Looking at him. "you know by "accidentally"" she uses her fingers as quotation marks  in the air as she says it. "loosing your shirt and trying to be cute for Mackenzie-"

"mooooom" he groans turning to walk away u smile letting a giggle escape my lips.

"sorry hunny but I really think you should put a shirt on" she smiles giving me the "I'm doing this just to embarrass him" look he turns to walk upstairs to his room and u follow him laughing along with his mom.

He opens a door to a room with what looked like a home-made-cloths-carpet covering the floor. A shirt hung down from the TV and his laundry basket overflowed. I go to his closet and look for one of his shirts. My favorite one that I always steal from him. His bright orange peanut-butter cup shirt. I find it laying on the floor next to his bed. I take mine off toss it on the floor and put his on. Smiling at him.

"you really like that shirt" he says searching through a pile of cloths still shirtless but now in a pair if black baggy sweat pants you could see the edge of his ice cream cone boxers.

"I love this shirt. It smells like you. I'm never gonna take it off"

"then somebody will have to" he says grinning. I feel my cheeks blush and grab my shirt off the floor.

"your mom is nice" I say changing the subject.

"she tries to embarrass me every time you come over"

"it works" I say giggling "cuz you sure looked embarrassed to me"

"I wasn't" he lies.

"moooooom" I imitate him "moooooom"   I laugh "that sounds like a embarrassed groan to me"

He laughs at the imitation and tries to mimic my laughing.

"hahaha" he says "very funny" he pulls on a shirt and we go back downstairs. "Hun you coming home tonight?" his mom asks into a bowl of frosting.

"I dono, mom I'll call u if I stay over again"

"Kay Hun, be careful" she glances at me "wouldn't wanna hurt the innocent with all your manlytude"

"mom well be fine" he says I laugh and walk outside

"bye mom" I say

Ethan follows "bye mum see you later" and were back in the car and off to the movies.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


We sit in a dark theater filled with people in every row. Us up near the top we got the best seats in the place. We could see the screen perfectly and the chairs were actually comfortable like fall-asleep-if-you-stay-in-them-to-long comfortable. They even leaned back. The theater was a eat-and-watch kinda thing so there are tables to. Free ice water and a epic movie. We are watching priest. A movie about priests who have to Kill vampires. They were not average human vampires but huge beasts that had razor sharp teeth and ate people. They had to kill the enemy, a man who was breeding human vampires. He was similar to Indiana Jones but he had red eyes and fangs. Something about him mad me think he was sexy, not Ethan sexy, but old guy sexy. My mom would fall in love with him. I smile at the thought and eat the popcorn with one hand, Golding Ethan's with the other.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


We walk back to the car still Golding hands I can't stop staring at him. Something about him made him seem like he was glowing a luminescent purple color. When we get to the car and get in it's gone. -hmm weird- I think to myself -must be seeing things-


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


Text message: received today 7:36pm from perry


Hey, we sld 2bl date 2m


Text message: sent today 7:37pm to perry


Yeah. I'll ask Ethan what he thinks.


Perry is my best friend. She has short black hair that goes a little past her ears and is straight, her lips red and her eyes always lined with black eyeliner. Her eyes hazel brown. And she liked to wear a black goodie and dark blue ripped jeans. She's just a few inches shorter then me.


Text message: sent today 8:36pm to Ethan


Hey, perry wants to double date tomorrow


Text message: received today 8:46pm from Ethan


Sure :) it'll be fun be at your house tomorrow 7 o'clock k? :)


Text message: sent today 8:47pm to Ethan


Yeah sounds cool xD


Text message: sent today 8:53pm to perry


Ethan said yeah, let's go to olive garden 7 o'clock


Text message: received today 8:53pm from perry


  Ok I'll ask Josh


I walk into my room tossing my phone on my bed and grabbing my jammies I go in the bathroom, shower, and brush my teeth. I open the bathroom door, to a body standing in front of me almost knocking me over by crashing into him. I stop and look up. Ethan.

"well, I'm glad I'm not

Naked" I say going back to my bed and looking at my phone.


Text message: received today 8:59pm from perry


He said yea it's a date :)


I put my phone on the side table next to my bed and plop down.

"perry and Josh said they could go. Olive garden sound ok to you?"

"yeah sounds like fun" he smiles and sits next to e on the bed. I look at him with a smile on my face that changes to a mixture if surprise, happiness, and curiosity. He is glowing again. I lay my hand on his shoulder and take it away, to see if it's actually real if not. He is here, this is real. And in two seconds, the purple fades. The stunned look on my face and the questions flowing through my mind. He notices everything  but doesn't speak. He's letting me think and wounder.

"what?" he finally asks

"nothing" I turn and scoot back against the wall in front of my bed. Then I rub my eyes and examine my blankets. Trying to figure out if I'm seeing things or not.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


Were sitting around a booth at olive garden. A waitress in a olive green shirt and black apron comes to the table "hi my names Susan, I'll be your waitress tonight. Can I get chayall some drunks?" she flashes us a

Smile and gets ready to write in her note pad.

"coke" I say smiling her name tag says Taylor.

"Pepsi" Ethan says.

"sprite" perry says into her napkin unfolding it onto her lap. Susan looks at Josh.

"oh, sorry." he says "mountain dew" she finishes writing on her pad of paper and walks into a swinging door.

"what did she say her name was?" I ask

"she said it was Susan" perry says

"her name tag says her name us Taylor" I say.

"we should call her Taylor and see what she says, maybe she borrowed a uniform or something." Josh says chuckling.

"fine but you can do it" I say "I'm not gonna be-" the waitress comes to our table holding a tray of drinks.

"a mountain dew for you" she gives it to Ethan "a coke for you" she gives it to perry "a sprite do you" she hands it to Josh "know what you want to eat?" she says smiling. We switch our drinks back to who ordered what. "oh dis I mess up? Sorry guys so what do you guys want to eat?"

"grilled cheese" I say "and fries"

"chicken parm" perry says

"me to" Josh says

"I want what she's having" Ethan says pointing to me.

"ok that'll be right out" she scribbles something on her note pad and walks away. Then turns around and tosses straws to the table turns and walks back to the kitchen.

"she is a awful waitress" Ethan says taking a straw and putting it into his drink just to see it float back up. He pushes it down and takes a sip. I reach for a straw and put it in my coke.

"one more mistake and Shes not getting a tip from me" Josh says.

"you know all the waitresses have to live off of tips" I say chewing my straw.

"I don't care" Josh says "her fault for a discounted paycheck it's her ass that's gonna get beaten for it, not mine"

I sigh and sip my drink "well I'm leaving at least two bucks, for effort" I say

"whatever" says Josh.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


I lay across his chest, we're in my room laying on my bed sheets And blankets tossed carelessly on the floor.

"did you like tonight?" I ask looking up at him.

"yeah, although Josh was a little harsh, 1$ tip..."

"well she messed up to many times"

"next time we go to olive garden their gonna put hair in your food." he says "I used to work there as a waiter that's what they do when your not nice to their tips."

"then let's not go there again for awhile maybe they will forget"

"I doubt it, but ok"

"babe I gotta question..." I say

"yeah, anything Hun"

"um, I know this is weird an u hope I'm not crazy" I sit up "why do u glow purple?" I say

"ummm" he starts "cuzz..." he trails off I sit there looking at him and I notice two bumps in his back, he starts to glow more and his skin gets a little tighter. I stare with my mouth open and touch the bumps on his back. Then he stands up. White-purple tinted wings burst from his back. My mouth drops. "I'm a angel"

"aren't Angles supposed to be in heaven?"

"I'm one god sent to earth to look over you, watch you, keep you safe and happy." he sits down on my bed, his wings fold in. I touch my hand to one they are soft, softer than anything I've ever felt in my life. Beautiful feathers huge feathers and strong bones.

"you are my guardian angel...?" I say in almost a whisper

"but... There are bad ones.. People-angels who want to hurt you. I'm here to protect you now that you know these things... It's going to get bad." he stops "you'll see things differently those are us... Some people... The dark ones, want to hurt the guardians they want to hurt you."

"why would they want to hurt me? I'm not one of you" I stand up and look in the mirror on my wall I take of my shirt to see If I have bumps. Nope. I slide my shirt back on over my head and go back to my bed.

"because everybody has a guardian angel, everybody has a demonic angel. The demonic ones want you dead. I have to kill him first. An tonight I figured out who your demonic angel is."

"who?" I ask

"Josh" my gave goes white.

"but Josh is with perry who is my best friend... Is perry a demonic angel to?"

"no she is human under the influence of a demonic angel, Josh wants to get close to the ones you love, turn them bad, and make them not go to heaven. They will never see the light if they get pulled into the demons ways only the darkness it's a horrible place were Josh is bringing her... If he has it his way, she's gonna kill you."

"no." i sit down "perry is

My best friend... She would never-"

"Josh giving he the evil, he is bringing her into the dark. She's an innocent puppy dragged into a bad situation"

"we have to stop them."

"I'm working on it" I lean on his shoulder, his wing brings me closer ad hold me close to him. They feel soft like a feather blanket. I sigh.

"what do we do?" i ask.

"we need to destroy him"


"by getting rid if something he's after. Something he wants to suffer..." he trails off into thought.

"who? Me?"

"later, this us already a lot of information for you." h lays down and let's me lay across his chest with my arms around him. And his wings holding  me, I felt safe. So I drifted off to sleep.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


I wake up the same way I fell asleep. My arms around him and his wings and arms holding me. Protecting me from danger of any kind. My eyes open  and the first thing I do is kiss him. I want another perfect kiss before a whole world of hell breaks loose and one of us dies.

"you sleep okay?" he asks once we pull away from each other.

"yeah" I smile at him "so who are we going to search for today? Josh? Perry?" I didn't want to hurt perry we were best friends, we knew everything about each other an we were friends till the end, i guess I'd we have to, that will be soon. "I hope not perry"

"Josh, we have to find him and kill him, or something he values"

"ho do we kill a demonic angel?"

" you have to rip off the wings and burn their halo then they are considered human and u can kill them like u would anybody else."

"oh... Well wouldn't that just make him come back as a demonic angel?"

"no, when a angel dies they get reborn into another human life, and depending on what they do in this life determines what kind of angel they are. Or they don't get to be wither and they stay on earth as gho...spirits they Angels that turn to spirits are good they dot hurt people, the demon ones are bad spirits that haunt, and terrorize people"

"why? Way do they get out of this? Really." I pause. "jerks" I mutter.

"be careful what you say about spirits they can reach powers that are better then yours"

"I'm human, what powers?"

"moving objects" he says

"oh well that's not really-" a knock knack on my dresser fly's across the room and smashes against the wall. "oh my"

"we gotta go. now." Ethan says picking me up off the bed and flying out the window. "I gotta-I gotta tell mom" I cling to him like a magnet. "don't you dare drop me"

"I won't" he chuckles. My grip tightens as he fly's to his house. "Josh knows you know about this now"

"and...? Now he's gonna turn my beat friend against me and try to kill me."


"oh boy" i sigh "good thing I have you"

"and my mom"

"your moms a..."



"I guess" he says as we enter his house.

"Ethan take her downstairs" his mom says opening the basement door. I follow him inside and he opens another door that goes into a underground tunnel. We walk down it taking twists and turns that finally lead to a church. The ceiling goes up high but there are no windows it skylights just a alter and rows of benches with little pockets holding bibles. Ethan leads m into another tunnel that takes us deeper into the church. When we get there Ethan's mom was standing there with other people from my class.

"how did you guys get down here so fast?" I ask

"we are angels" says a girl, Rebecca is her name. She has a white dress on with a black ribbon across it with a black rose. She has reddish brown hair it goes to about her shoulders her skin is a perfect tan with black eyeliner and mascara to highlight her eyes. The other kid is Jacob one of Ethan's best friends he has long black dreads and baggy sweat pants but muscles and a hard chest. His wings are fluffy and white with a slight light green glow. "Ethan wheres Josh" Jacob says In a deep baritone voice.

"I'm not sure but he should be here soon, mom take Mackenzie into the-"

"yeah." his mom says grabbing my arm "c'mon sweetie follow me" she gives me a smile that shows slight fear and hope. We walk into this hallway and go down a flight if stairs into this room that smells like mildew. It has a table with chairs in the middle of the room and a recliner in the corner next to a box. "the box near the chair has food in it, if your hungry" Ethan's mom says. I see a smaller box on the table I walk over and look at it.


"To Mackenzie"


was written on it. I open it up to reveal a locket that has a picture of me and Ethan kissing in it with a picture of him on the other side, on the back engraved in it said "I love you forever and always Ethan + Mackenzie forever" I smile and put it close to my heart then I go to the far end if the room and sit in a corner.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


Ethan comes into the room abs I immediately jump into his arms. "Mackenzie I have to leave" he looks at  his mom "we have to go stop Josh, mom you need to stay here with her."

"no" I answer "I want to go"

"Mackenzie you can't, it's to dangerous" his hand brushes my cheek. "I can never let you get hurt"

"I don't care how dangerous it is I want to go. I'm just as involved in this as you are"

"but you can't stop him" Ethan says taking my hands "you need to stay here" the door fly's open and Josh walks through with perry. They both look like they want to kill me. Faces full of determination.

"perry" I say looking at her. Shes glowing black and is holding a metal bat in her hands "perry no" she starts to run for me, Ethan blocks her ad she fly's back. Hitting a wall. My hand goes to my pocket, I feel a knife in my jeans.

"yeah, what're you gonna do? Huh? IRS a knife I'm a demon, you can't kill me with that" Josh says as I glance at perry. She's laying on the floor with a stream if blood running down her nose. I see a flash if white and green light and Josh is pinned by Jacob and Rebecca.

"Ethan take his wings!" Jacob shouts as Ethan walks over and rips them off. They shrivel into dust on the floor. Ethan punches him in the face once,twice, and again until his nose should be broken. Perry gets up slowly and goes to Ethan bat in hand and huts him over the head. Knocking him to the floor. Tears stream down my cheeks. I stay silent in my corner. Josh starts laughing as his wings grow back and he pushes Rebecca and Jacob to the floor ripping off their halo and wings. Breaking their necks. Josh walks over to Ethan.

"it's to bad" he smirks at me "your guardian angel isn't much of a guardian

Now is he? Look at him!" he spits on Ethan "he can't protect you!" he walks back over to me his fingernails grow to sharp razors he presses them to my neck. "you know what happens when guardian angels fail?" he grins. I see Ethan start to move I look back at Josh. His fingers move down my face "such a pretty girl... Wat a waste if a human" he brings his hand up to make the kill when Ethan steps in front of me. Josh's fingers go into Ethan instead. I start crying but Ethan just pulls the razors out I his chest and pushes Josh back into the wall.

"Mackenzie run" Ethan shouts "go somewhere safe" I get up and run out of the door and up the stairs I run through the tunnels into Ethan's house and to the lake. U run into the woods and up the little cliff and sit down on the rock looking out on the lake. I wait for Ethan to come back so he can tell me everything will be okay.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


I wake up in Ethan's arms I smile turning to kiss him.

"everything is ok Mackenzie I win the fight Josh is dead. Everybody is okay." he smiles.

"really?" I smile "is perry okay?"

"yeah everybody is fine, everything is perfect"


~~~ ~~~ ~~~


My eyes blink open and I smile expecting Ethan to be behind me holding me tight. But there us only a tree.

"it was a dream...?" I whisper to myself. "DAMN IT" I yell throwing a rock.

"shh" I hear from behind a tree "don't be to loud"


"yeah shh" he comes out and I rush up to hug him.

"omigosh is everything okay? What happened?"

"Josh isn't dead yet I have to leave you... God wants to tell me how to get rid of him, he is not your average demon his wings and halo grow back every time"

"you have to leave me?" I say a tears form "no" I cling to him. "you cant leave me! I love you your not suppose to leave me!"

"I have to leave god told me to... It's for your safety" I cry on his chest.

"will you be back?"

"maybe, some time in the future I'll come again but for now Mackenzie, I have to go" he kisses me one last time and when I open my eyes,

Hes gone.

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