Black Widow (Along Came A Spider)

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A poem.

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013



Underneath a leafless tree,
a little girl's body is sprawled out in the grass,
covered in curds and whey.
Lying very still
beneath a darkened sky of grey,
she's directing silence
with her stiff limbs pointing most innocently.
Strong winds seem to desperately
push fallen leaves against her,
almost like some unseen force
is trying to wake her up
and place her back on her tuffet,
but this is no nursery rhyme.
She's paralysed to the courtesy of time.
Happy endings are for the close-minded;
this little girl could not be anymore dead.

There is a vicious spider bite,
two tiny circles punctured on her hand,
where infection started to spread
and has badly eaten it into submission.
I can see how far the venom stormed up her arm,
where it shot up like twisted roots
looking for a strong foundation,
a home to grow from,
somewhere to wreak havoc.
It sieged into her heart
and made her toxic,
convincing her body to turn on itself.
By her swollen, burst veins
brushing themselves underneath her skin
like they were people buried alive,
frantically trying to crawl their way out
from six feet of dirt,
I can tell nothing could intervene.
There was no way she was going to survive.

As I drown myself into her eyes,
into her massive black holes staring out into the abyss,
my focus becomes discouraged
by a faint rustling from beneath the foliage.
Beside me a red leaf subtly shifts,
then lifts,
unmasking two black legs.
The culprit comes out of hiding.
A black widow slowly emerges,
concealing her red hourglass that is tucked away underneath.
It weaves in and out secretly between dead leaves,
looking so cunning as if it were the Queen of Thieves.
But vengeance is lurking.
Without thinking
my foot plunges,
stomping down on the eight-legged killer.
Grinding. Grinding.
Smearing its guts into the ground
deeper, deeper,
as I grin to the crunching sound
of crushed life.
The arachnid is no more.
A bitter-sweet ending
to a terrible tragedy.
A sad story
that started with...

“Along came a spider,
who sat down beside her...”


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