English Class

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A young girl falls for a boy she thinks has no interest in her.

Submitted: April 30, 2011

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Submitted: April 30, 2011



"E11...E11...Well least I can't get lost on E hall way." I think as I walk down the hall to my new classroom. "Thats E10 so this one must be E11. Oh joy." I smile at the new teacher as I walk in the empty classroom.

"The seats are in alphabetical order." She says poilitly and nicely enough. I smile and thank her as I start at the opposite end of the room from the door. My last name starts with a V so it only makes sense.

"Lets see. R. V. VanderSmithe. Guess I sit here." I say quietly to myself as I sit in my chair by the window. I watch the other students walk in.

"Prep. Prep. Prep. Dude I know but never talk to. Prep. Sigh. Hate academic sometimes." I roll my eyes as another prep walks in. Just then my friend Nattalie walks in. I wasn't really "friends" with her yet but least I knew her. I point to the seat in from of me while she looks around and she sits down.

"Hi." She says in her "I'm so creeped out right now" voice. I smile at her.

"Hey." She smiles at me and starts talking. Nattalie is one of those cool people you can count on to talk to you. We have plenty in common we just never have any classes together. Guess I got lucky today, since her name is right before mine. Another girl walks in while we are talking. She sits behind me. I turn and smile and say hi. She says hi back and joins the conversation. Then my other friend Kaitlen walks in. She had been in my old History class. And she sat down right beside me. Sweet! I'm not alone in a class of preps! We sit there talking and I watch as a boy walks in. He doesn't look prep or like us(us being what I call the actually "cool" people. The ones who are real friends and you can talk to without having to worry about secrets being spread. That and I liked our clothes better. Usually we don't wear flashy labels. Sometimes but not everyday. It's hard not to). He has dark hair, seemingly dark eyes, tall, and relitively cute. Hmmm....something I could go for. I raise my eyebrows at Nadine and look over at him as he sits down. She looks over and makes a thinking face.

"Sweet." She says to me. I check a look at what he's wearing. Black hoodie over a dark shirt. Sleeves pushed up. Jeans. Black backpack. Alright he passes. Doesn't look like a stoner. Or a smoker. Good so far. Darker skin. Either from somewhere else or spends lots of time in the sun. Both bonuses, depending. Just then the bell rings. The teacher walks to the middle of the class room.

"Alright class. Settle down." Everyone gets quiet and turns mostly around. She looks suprised. "Well your certainly not like my last class." She says smiling. She introduces herself while Nattalie and I talk quietly. Finally she says,

"Alright we are going to go around the class, starting at the right side of the room, and tell the class your name, something you like about English and something you dislike."

I look at Nattalie and she looks at me. We half listen while talking. I wait until we get to the boy who is sitting in the middle of the classroom(with a perfect view for me) and I listen fully.

"My name is Kennie. I like reading and doing essays. I don't really...dislike anything about English." He says with a NICE accent. I look over at Nattalie with obvioulsy wide eyes. She looks back and we both start giggling.

"Dude he has a hot voice!" She whispers to me.

"No he has a SEXY voice!" I whisper back. I honestly don't stop staring the entire class. I really wanted him to talk again. Of course the boy with the amazing voice also happens to be extremely quiet during class. After I talk to Nattalie .

"Dude." I say as I wait for her.

"Ya?" She looks up from her stuff.

"Kennie." I say simply.

"Cute." She says smiling.

"Mine." I say smiling back.

"Oooo you like him. Don't you?" She asks giving me a look.

"This is the first time I seen him or heard him. Not yet." I give her a smile. "But I think I could take a liking to him." She smiles and we leave class. I watch him walk down the hall and stop at a locker, right down the hall from mine. I smile to myself. I walk to my Science class daydreaming a bit about what I planned on doing....


Few months later...

I sigh to myself.

"Stupid project." I turn up my iPod as I automatically look up at the clock. I let my eyes wander down to Kennie. I had been watching him for the last three months. I suddenly get an idea. It is my birthday after all. What have I got to lose?

"Nattalie !" I whisper up to her. She turns around.

"What?" She asks as she looks up at the clock.

"I'm going to ask Kennie if he has msn or facebook." I whisper smiling.

"Your joking." She says. She already had guessed I kinda liked him. I shrug.

"What have I got to lose. I'll ask him after class." I say proudly. She gives me a smile and turns back. That was how she worked. There was no more to be said I just needed a smile. I go back to my work and look at the clock again. I look back down at Kennie and smile to myself. I switch songs and get back to work. Only 20 minutes left in class. It seems so long. Finally the bell rings. Nattalie and I leave, ahead of Kennie as usual. He always takes a while. She leaves me at my locker. I take a deep breath and wait for him to come out while I get my science book. It was only last week I had asked him where he was from. What if he was creeped? I mean he had smiled but what if he though I was a total creeper? Or was playing him. Or figured out I liked him? Or worse! I take another deep breath and stand up looking for my book on the top shelf. Suddenly I see him come down the hall. Just as he passes I act, trying to stay calm.

"Kennie?" I ask loud enough he hears me. He turns and looks at me.

"Yes?" He asks in his amazing voice. I give him a smile. I hope seems nice and innocent.

"I was wondering. Do you happen to have msn or facebook?" I ask waiting his reaction. He thinks for a minute. He seemed to think about each word first.

"I have facebook." He says with a small smile. Wow I loved that smile.

"I was wondering if you could give it too me. I tried to find you last night and I couldn't. What are you under?" I ask, actually telling the truth. I knew his name but I can't spell very well and my phone didn't know names.

"Kennie Joanes." He says smiling.

"I tried but I couldn't find you. I don't know how to spell your name. Would you mind writing it down for me?" I ask him, hoping he says yes.

"Sure." He says

"Thanks. I hope I'm not going to make you late." I say as I reach into my bag and pull out a pen and peice of paper.

"No it's fine." He says nicely. I notice he smells nice as he leans forward.

"Ok good. I would feel terrible if you were." I say turning around grab my book and turn back in time to see him finish and stand back up. He hands me the paper and pen and I take it, putting both into my bag.

"Thanks." I say smiling.

"Your welcome." He says with a quick smile.

"See you later." I tell him as I turn and close my locker.

"You too." He turns and walks away. I sigh and roll my eyes, so glad that was done. It felt like it took forever. Pray to God he is single and I didn't do something really stupid. I head the opposite way and sigh. Only three more hours till I can use the computer.


I sit down at the computer finally. I login to facebook and click search.

"Now lets see..." I take the sheet of paper Kennie had given me his name on out of my pocket. I type it into the search bar and hit enter. I wait, praying no one walks in and asks what I'm doing. I give a sigh of relief as the first person who appears is Kennie, least the one I knew. I click it and hid send friend request. It was done. Now lets hope he wont click decline at the last minute. I smile as I realize I really liked this boy.

"Like he'll ever even think twice about the weird girl in his English class." I half laugh to myself.


Next Day...

"He added me. Wow." I breathe to myself. I was at home and no one was around. Kenneth had added me. Wow. I click his profile info. First thing I check...Yes! Single! I smile as I look over his stuff. We seem to have a lot in common. Similar music, tv movies, nooks....Acting! He likes acting! That's my number one thing.

"How is this boy single?" I mutter to myself as I click send message. My fingers sit over the keyboard and think. What should I say? Hi I really like you wanna hang out. No way. Wait. Try this.

"Hey Kennie it's that strange girl from your english class. I noticed we had lots in common. We should talk sometime. Text me. My number is 519-555-5555. Talk to ya later I hope!" I hit send.

"Oh gosh did I just do that!" I say to myself. He is going to think I'm crazy! Oh well. I guess only time will tell...


1 month later...

"I check facebook again. Still nothing. Why do I still try if I know there is nothing there? Am I so stupid, I keep hoping?" I say to myself as I move to my posts. A month since I sent that stupid message. I screwed up. Oh well I never had a chance anyways. I know he goes online, I see him. Guess I'm just cursed to not get any of the actual ones I really like. I log off and head up to my room to listen to music. I lay on my bed with my phone on my bedside table. I have my headphones in but I still hear my phone buzz. Stupid vibrate. I sigh reach over and feel my way over to it. I look. 1 new message. Probably Tor. I open my phone. New message from....What the? It's a number. Not a name. I open the message.

"Hey Alex. Sorry I didn't message you back or text you in so long. -Kennie" I reread the text four times. Kennie. He actually texted me. I smile as I text back,

"Oh hey. It's ok I actually didn't expect you to text me." I send it and add his number. I wait shaking hoping he texts me back. My phone goes off and I jump, flipping it open.

"I was going to but I dunno....I never know what to say to people." He replies.

"Oh thats no problem. What are you doing?" I ask smiling. Well duh he is pretty quiet.

"Just listening to music. You?" says the text back.

"Actually same. Just thinking about things ya know?" I text.

"Ya. Thats what I was doing. I was on my laptop and I decided to text you finally. I felt bad for never saying anything." He texts back.

"What were you thinking about?" I ask him curious.

"You truthfully." He also puts an embarrassed face. I smile.

"Really?" I ask half shocked.

"Ya..." He replies.

"That's funny cause I was thinking about you." I reply as I laugh to myself for real.

"Your kidding." He says back.

"Nope." I laugh again.

"Wow...what about me?" He asks.

"It's silly." I tell him suddenly embarrassed myself.

"Please? I'll tell you." He replies to me. I sigh and give a small smile. "What dosn't kill me..." I mutter.

"I was thinking that you were out of my league honestly. And that I was stupid for sending that message." I reply.

"Your joking." He says to me.

"I wouldn't about something like that. But what were you thinking about?" I ask trying to get off the subject.

"....I was thinking that I wanted to talk to the most beautiful and outgoing girl I had ever met." He says. I blink and reread that text a few more times.

"Pardon? I think I might be going blind. Did you just say most beautiful and outgoing girl you ever met?" I reply suddenly anxious.

"Yes...." He replies to me.

"And do you mean me?" I ask curiously.

"Yes." He texts back. I sit there shocked for a moment

"Your joking." I say shaking my head to myself. This was the boy who never spoke to me, looked at me, never messaged me back.

"No. I'm not. Andrea I have liked you since the first day of class." He says. I swear my heart stops.

"Your....your joking..." I say praying that if this is a dream, I never wake up.

"No. I always wanted to talk to you. But I could never bring myself to. I always though you were with someone else, or too beautiful, or just uninterested." He tells me. I sit up and stare at that message.

"You...Like....ME?" I ask totally shocked.

"I think I more than like you Alex. I think I'm in love with you." He tells me. I start shaking.

"Kennie...I don't want to say that I love you yet. But....I really like you. A lot." I tell him, hoping, praying this isn't a joke.

I finally get a text back.

"You do?!" He asks me.

"Yes. Actually since you first walked into the class. I spent most of this semester looking at you." I admit to him.

"Now I don't feel like suck a creep...I spent a lot of this year staring at you." He says. I smile.

"Your not a creep." I tell him.

"Thanks...Listen....You wanna go out for lunch? say tomorrow or sometime this week?" He asks.

"Yes!" I click send and wait. It dosn't take long to get a reply.

"Thanks! I'll meet you at your locker at lunch and we can go for pizza?" He asks me.

"Agreed. But your not allowed to pay." I say with a smiley face.

"Please? I want to pay for our date." He says. I can't help it I give in.

"Fine. But I'm going to repay you." I tell him with a smile.

"Just come. That's all I want. And have wanted for too long." He tells me.

"Still. It's only fair." I tell him nicely.

"I don't want money from you." He replies to me.

"I wont pay you with money. I'll think of something." I say.

"Ok. Oh wow it's midnight. I think we should sleep. Sorry for texting so late." He tells me.

"I'm very glad you did. Thanks." I reply.

"You welcome. Goodnight. Sweet dreams. Sleep well beautiful." He says.

"You too. See you in the morning." I text back. I slip under my covers and put my phone on my table. Only a few more hours till my date with Kennie. I close my eyes and sigh. Tomorrow was going to be a good day.


Beep, beep, beep, beep!

"What? Who? Oh No! It can't be 6:30 already!" I say as I sit up and hit my alarm clock to shut it up. I lay back down and pull the covers back over my head. Then I sit up straight.

"Oh my gosh! I have a date! With Kennie!" I say remembering everything from the night before. The texting, the confession...our date. I jump out of bed and grab my phone. I turn it on and find I have one new message. I go to my messages and open it.

"Good morning my beautiful date." It says. It's from Kennie. I feel my heart melt with happiness. I send one back.

"Good morning. How did you sleep?" I ask as I stand up and start looking for clothes to wear. Finally I get one back.

"It was the best sleep I've had in a long time. I was almost worried it had all been a dream." I smile as I type back.

"It feels like a dream. But I'm so glad it's not." I brush my hair as I wait for his reply. I turn to my closet just as my phone goes off. I pratically jump on my phone and open it.

"Same here. Just make sure you eat breakfast today. I know you usually don't eat but I want you to eat properly. I don't want you to get sick." I feel my heart leap.

"Alright. I will. For you. How do you know though?" I type curiously. I turn on my iPod and start dancing as I look for something sutiable to wear. I throw my red shirt on my bed and turn to grab my jeans when my phone buzzes. I throw my jeans on the bed and grab it. I open it and open up my message.

"I can hear you when you talk to Nadine. You sometimes say you forget to eat breakfast. And that your hungry." I sigh and put one hand over my heart to stop it from beating so loud and fast.

"Nice. You eat too." I tell him as I change. I couldn't wait for that afternoon. I get dressed texting Kennie the entire time. I grab a quick bite to eat and get outside to wait for my bus.

"It's cold outside! Shoot shoulda grabbed my gloves." i text him as I try to keep my almost always cold hands warm.

"I wish I could warm them up for you." He says adding a sad face on the end. I rub my hands together.

"You know you have got to be one of the sweetest guys in the world." I type, then shove my hands in my pockets.

"I hope I get a change to be your guy sometime soon." I feel my heart stop for a brief second.

"I hope so too." I text back. My bus finally comes and I get on. I sit in my seat across from my friend Kodi and wait for my next text.

"What are you so happy about?" Kodi asks noticing my face. I smile at him and sigh to myself.

"I have a date with a boy this afternoon." I tell him happily.

"He better be good. If he gets out of have call me and I'll come save you." He says hitting his fist. I roll my eyes. Kodi acted like the older brother I wished I had. And sometimes glad I never had. He is really obnoxious some days.

"Ya, I'm not stupid and I don't think I'll need you coming to my rescue honeybear." I call him teasingly, knowing he hates it. He mutters something under his breath. I laugh at him and give him a poke in the side. He jumps and we get in a poke war with each other. Finally I pay him off with candy and talk with him for most of the ride (while texting Kennie). We finally get to school and I walk upstairs to my locker and put my coat on the hook. I grab my books for my first periods and shut my locker. I head down the hall and push open the doors. I send a text just as I hear my name being called. My heart skips a beat when I look up and see who it is.

"Hey." Kennie says as he stops in front of me.

"Hi Kennie." I say just as his phone goes off. He opens it and laughs.

"What?" I ask trying to see. He shows me his phone message. It's from me. It says,

"I can't wait to see you." I laugh at myself and he smiles.

"Couldn't wait to see me?" He asks playfully.

"Nope." I say smiling, nervous now that he is in front of me.

"We're still going out to lunch right?" He asks.

"Of course." I say just as the bell rings.

"Aww. Well I'll see you at lunch." He says as he starts to walk away.

"Ok. I'll be waiting." I say as I wave, turn and head towards the stairs. I sigh to myself. It was going to be a looong two periods.


I race up the stairs, waving at my friends as I pass. I get to my locker and stop.

"Breathe. Breathe Alex. Calm down." I think to myself. I take a deep breath and slowly open my locker. I put my books on my locker shelf and bend down to grab my wallet (just in case, you know) when I hear his voice above me.

"Hey. How are you?" I look up and see Kennie standing over me. I smile and stand up. He isn't wearing a coat but he is wearing a sweater. I smile as he takes my wallet for me while I pull on my coat. I take it back and slip it into my pocket.

"Thanks." I say as we start towards the west doors of the school.

"How were your classes?" He asks as he opens the door to the stairs for me.

"Long. Hair class wasn't too bad but math had to be at least three hours." I tell him smiling. "How were yours?"

"Too long. Each moment was as long as forever till I could see you." He says, as he turns to me slightly as we get outside. "May I hold your hand?" He asks politley. I nod and he slips his hand into mine, intertwining our fingers. He smiles at me and we walk in silence for a bit. We reach the local pizza place and he opens the door for me again. He keeps me close in the relatively crowded restaurant. He asks me what I want and I tell him as my two friends walk through the door. I wave with my free hand and they both look from Kenneth, to our hands, to me. I smile and shrug. They wave and make a motion that I will be getting lots of texts later. I turn back to Kennie who is watching me. I blush.

"Yes?" I asks smiling.

"Your very beautiful." He says quietly.

"Thank you. Your very handsome youself." I say blushing even more. He smiles and turns away to order for us. He carries our food to an empty table at the back. We start to eat chatting a little the entire time. when we are done eating he reaches across the table and takes my hand.

"Thank you Alex." He says kissing my hand. I stop breathing for a second.

"Your welcome Kennie. What for?" I ask blushing.

"For coming with me." He says. I smile and blush a little more, suddenly aware of how he is looking at me, and how I have been looking at him. He looks at the clock behind me and sighs.

"We are going to be late if we don't leave soon." He says looking back at me. I frown and stand as he lets go of my hands and stands himself. He helps me into my coat and takes my hand again. When we step outside it's snowing lightly. He keeps me close as we walk back towards the school. I notice he keeps looking over at me so I smile at him sweetly. When we reach the school we head to the doors that are mostly blocked by a garden shed. He stops as we get under the pine tree thats growing there. It's snowing lightly here and he gently brushes snow out of my hair. He talks a step closer to me and takes a deep breath.

"Alex. May I ask something?" He asks quietly. I nod feeling my heart speed up.

"Alex." I shiver as he says my name again. "I love you. I have loved you since that first day I walked into our class. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Your sweet, outgoing, talkative, caring, everything I have ever wanted in a girl. I have waited so long...Will you please be my girlfriend?" He asks quietly looking in my eyes. I feel my heart stop. This was the moment I had been waiting for since that first day. And it was so perfect.

"Yes Kennie." I half whisper to him. He smiles and pulls me close to him and whispers in my ear.

"May I kiss you...My beautiful girlfriend." I slip my arms around his neck as his slide around my waist.

"Always my handsome boyfriend." I whisper back. He smiles and leans down. He whispers I love you as his lips gently touch mine. I almost collapse in his arms and he holds me close, protectively and lovingly. I gently kiss him back and when he pulls back I lean close to him.

"I love you too Kennie." I whisper looking into his eyes. And it was the truth. He smiles at me and pulls me close.

"Thats all I'll ever need to hear." He whispers lovingly while the snow falls around us perfectly, as the bell rings for English.

© Copyright 2020 Caitlin Mai. All rights reserved.

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