Witches and Warlocks

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 11, 2018

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Submitted: February 11, 2018



"Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return.”

I woke up with a jolt. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the morning light fighting through my dull curtains. I lay back down, thinking about the dream I just had. ‘Danger? I’m in Danger?’ I thought to myself. I shook my head, ‘no, no, It’s just a dream… well, more like a nightmare.’ I got out of my bed and walked to the window. It was a stormy day, there was rumbles of thunder and a few strikes of lightening. I went through to the kitchen to get some breakfast and when I was cooking the bacon I heard footsteps coming from the living room. I slowly pushed the door ajar and peeked in, no one was there… ‘probably just the cat’ I tried to convince myself. I pushed it to the back of my mind

I woke up two days later in a hospital bed, my sight was back but my head was pounding. I sat up and seen an unfamiliar figure at the side of the bed.

“I tried to warn you” the stranger mumbled vaguely.

“I don’t understand” I said while fighting back the pain my throat is causing me.

“I told you that you were in danger, I told you to leave. I even interfered in your dreams but you didn’t listen”

“Why am I in danger?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you here” the man replied.

“Wh…w…why” I could feel myself fading back into sleep.

“I know what to do” said the mysterious man.

‘I must’ve went back to sleep’ I thought to myself. I sat up but I wasn’t in a hospital bed. I couldn’t smell the intense scent of antiseptic or see nurses running from room to room in the corridor, I was in a dark room lit only by four candles in each corner of the room. I got out of the bed but my legs were still weak. I walked into, what I assumed was, the living room and the man I had seen before was sitting in the corner read a book. He looked up at me in shock, “You made a fast recovery”

“I still have a headache but I’ll be fine.” I replied.

“So, Brielle, wha-“ I cut him off.

“How do you know my name?” I asked.

“Max told me to protect you”

“My brother?” I felt hurt. I don’t know if it’s from the crash or the memories of my brother.

“My brother’s dead, is this some sort of sick joke?” I started to shout.

“I was a friend of Noelle’s, before he died he asked me to help you in any way I could.”

“Who are you?” I had forgot that this man was a complete stranger.

“Leon James.” I backed up against the wall like I was trying to escape.

“You’re the…”

“Warlock” he finished my sentence.

“Why am I in danger?” I asked the question I was most afraid to ask.

“Although Noelle was loved by many, he did have enemies.”

“But his enemies are the ones that killed him, why are they after me?”

“They believed he was evil, he killed several demons and they want revenge, they want you.”

I dropped to the floor. ‘if Noelle couldn’t fight them… how can I?’ I thought to myself.

“You can fight them” Leon said.

I looked up at him frightened. “Are you reading my mind now?”

“Sorry, it’s a habit”

I laid down on the sofa and before I could stop myself, I fell asleep.

A couple hours later I woke up to the smell of hot food filling my senses. Leon came in to see me and gave me some tomato soup.

“How can I fight them? Noelle was a warlock, a strong warlock and even he couldn’t fight them” I began to shake.

“Noelle didn’t use his powers”

“So, he just gave himself to the demons? This doesn’t make sense!”

“He knew there would be a time when they came after you, he put his powers in a box and saved them for you.”

“He would do that for me?” I said.

“He loved you, Brie.”

“Are his powers enough?”

“Oh, yeah, there’s another thing, remember when you lost your powers when you were 17?” He said like there was a secret.

“Yeah, I hated it at the time but it was best for me.”

“Well, Noelle took them, for a good cause of course. He joined yours and his powers.”

“W-what?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

The door flew open, there was a creature standing in front of me. A demon. They’ve found me. I froze, I couldn’t move. Leon jumped in front of me and pushed me out of the way.

“Upstairs in the room you were in, the black box with red Latin writing on It, read the words out loud!” he shouted quickly.

I sprinted up the stairs into the room. I grabbed the black box and read the letters.

“Magicis vires” The box opened and I felt a sharp pain in my chest and stumbled backwards. I felt so powerful, like I could do anything. I could hear Leon shouting defending spells at the demon. I stormed down the stairs and rage filled me. These monsters killed my brother, the only family I had left after the car crash that killed my mother and father.

“Auferetur!” I cried, the demon dodged it. I channelled all the power I could and screamed “Morietur” It collapsed to the ground, that wasn’t the warlock trying to kill me though. A man steps out from the darkness, I recognise him.

 “Dad?” I call out.

“Run Brie!” Leon shouted

“Morietur!” My Dad roars at me while showing no emotion.

My world started darkening, the blackness engulfed me, I could hear Leon’s cries for help but I couldn’t move; I was dead.

© Copyright 2020 caitlin.145. All rights reserved.

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