Beautiful Creature (Stop Domestic Violence)

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This poem is one of my faves,'actually, so i hope you'll like it too.
This is not a true story (for me), but there are people that go through this everyday.
So no backstory from me, i'll add a fun fact bout this poem at the end to lighten the mood.
So, one person can change the world-just by being a friend, just by supporting other people- instead of focusing on myself, my heart goes out to all the Beautiful Creatures out there.
Written on 6/8/2010.
Stop Domestic Violence.

Submitted: September 29, 2010

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Submitted: September 29, 2010



Beautiful Creature

Beautiful creature,
She lay captured,
No one to hear her cries...

Beautiful being,
Pain keeps on happening,
And she hurts every night...

Destroyer wins,
She doesn't know who she is,
No one to help her now...

Destroyer kills,
She stays until,
She dies- but no one knows how...

Pain again,
It's another night, my friend,
She lays bloody and bruised...

Pain inevitable,
To her its so possible,
That she'll be black and blue...

Threats coming,
She gives up running,
He finds her everytime...

Threats fulfilled,
Little princess feels ill,
She lost another fight...

Sorries said,
She lays in her bed,
No choice but to forgive...

Sorries made,
But still she lies in pain,
Knowing this is her only way to live...

Beautiful bird,
She thinks she has no worth,
So she never spreads her wings to fly...

Beautiful creature,
She lay battered,
No one to hear her cries...

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