For The Kids

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This si fro "the kids", which is my three younger siblings who are now eight, nine, and ten. I have not seen them in 27 months becasuse of a huge war with my dad, and when i left on that henious night,i did not even get to say good bye. This was written today, on Oct. 8th, 2010.

Submitted: October 08, 2010

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Submitted: October 08, 2010



For The Kids

As you're getting older,

Do you remember what I told her?

As the weather's getting colder,

Tell me how you feel...

I'm missing you so much,

I've never gotten to see you enough,

Mainly because of no father's love,

Sorry, I broke our deal...

The days go by in constant wonder,

Do you still hide from the thunder?

Things like that always drag me under,

I hope you guys are okay...

One day, I will explain,

What happened-why it changed,

What has driven me insane,

I wish it coulda' been a different way...

No good bye's- just up and left,

Stealing my heart like a horrid theft,

Please don't fail life's tests,

They're lessons to be learned...

Ten,nine, and eight,

The ages- they all change,

In 27 months- the henious game,

Soon we all get burned...

I hope you find his favor,

The lovely son and daughters,

And may your days be filled with laughter,

Enjoy being young...

I pray you're not revoked,

And everything goes the way you hoped,

Life is easy-keeps a steady slope,

So you have lots of fun...

I'm a hypocrit- but stay in school,

Don't drop out-don't be a fool,

Times are hard-but life is cool,

Just watch what you do...

Please don't hold against me,

The 27 months I've dissapeared,

Trust me- it wasn't easy,

Everything happened the way I feared,

But just know through and through:

I love you...

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