my Words: Redemption For Rapists, A Tough Pill to Swallow...

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WE need to keep our hearts in check- I need to remind myself to no be a hypocrit, and to stanmd by what i proclaim to be the truth...and if Jesus dioed for the whole world, and fogave everyone- then there's redemption for you, for me..and there's redemption for rapsists.

Submitted: April 20, 2011

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Submitted: April 20, 2011



My Words: Redemption For Rapsists, A Tough Pill To Swallow... 4/20/11

For all who don't know, I am virginkiss/24months returned once again...

I have recently (10/10/10, 10/23/10, and 3/9/10 being the worst dates to remember) gone through...some difficult times...

And although almost everuyone can say that rapists deserve hell, and they would kill theose xcruel unremorseful low-lifes if they ever caught them (whereas I would imagine just to lock them up in soliotary confinement for the rest of their 9.2 years- which is my way of saying life btw- since, most of you know, I hold strong dissaproval for killing the killer, ie. capital punishment)..but..for my fellow follwers of Chrsit (or not), we all deserve Hell...
Whe Jesus died on the cross- he bore ALL our sins...I also took the nail, and peirced his hands..I laughed at him, and mocked him- and every day, I sin consciencely knowing I am nailing him to that cross, taking the spear, and watching death olvertake him in water and blood.
You see, when Jesus died on the cross- I am sure he saw me lying to my parents- saw the evilness of my heart and the mainpulation of my mind as I sue to go around exploiting men's weak minds (no offense men) and preying on thier hormones with my beauty, making them lust after me soo entirely much, that they would do anything I asked...he saw the words I would cruse people with...
But, you know what? he also saw the sin of the man who froced me to stay, and kept me hostage by my throat...he saw another drunk man almost choking me...he saw two unremorseful souls laugh at me as they...raped His (God's) precious daughter...He saw the intent of two men in the beinnging of an alley way- Hell bent on taking me...he saw the tears I cried for what could not be returned to me, and even my own willing fornication.
And, he cried: "father, forgive them- for they know not what they do!"
He cried that not only for the little 18 year old mixed chick, former virginkiss- but he creid it for the souls of the rapists, that we all might be redeemed. How can I hate those who Jesus loves??

I have claimed that no one can lift a sorte word about me, because, the Lord created me, and what He created, he saw was good- so, therefore to call me bad, is to call God a liar. But-wait!!-hold the phone--doesn't that mean, friends, that to call the rapists-these lost children of God-to call these men "bad", is to also call god a liar, since, My Creator, Created them also??

Someone who stole something- stealing candy because you're hungry or because you're two years old- but. stealing is wrong- "thou shalt not steal"...those men stole from me...and I stole from God everytime I don't proclaim his name, another one is lost forevrmore!

So, readers, doesn't it make sense that since Jesus died and rose for the WHOLE ENTIRE world- ALL of humanity- EVERY SINGLE unique individul- isn't that we claim? we do claim that, right? "for God so loved THE WORLD..." not "for God so loved the world, except for..." but for God so loved the world...
isn't it right tio assume- to KNOW- that if Jesus- whosees all sins equal- cheating on a test, lying to your parents, and hate the same as murdering, and lust, the same as adultery--don't you see? there's not only redemtion for the righteous, but for all..
So, (and it's a very hard pill to swallow, a harrowing revelation,. esp. for a victim such as myself to say and proclaim), if Jesus's blood says that I have redemption, and that you have redemption- can't we correlate, and know, and see the extent of God's love, when I say: there's redemption for me, there's redemption for you, there's redemption for killers, and gang members- and there's redemption for rapsts.


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