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well, if you've grown tired of the way this world is today and all you've seen your friedns and acquantices do- this is the poem for you...he, he :), just venting, again...

Submitted: June 27, 2009

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Submitted: June 27, 2009




I can't take it anymore ! - i'm dying inside !

This is an otrage , Lord - see the tears i've cried ?

For years, i've hidden my self away - on the sidelines of this world -

Now, they ask me to stay -but i will not be silent - not this girl !

I've watched the world tumult out of control , for far too long -

Watched as the world was to the point where they couldn't see right from wrong -

Watched as the world spun out of control, and deprived itself of existence -

Where the people didn't know, what was truth and fiction -

watched as mothers have murdered there unborn babies,

Watched as fathers adulterated and left their children with ease...

well, i've observed

And , now i've learned-

I'm done sitting on the sidelines, waiting for someone else to get the job done-

It's my turn now - in my life - to try to fix this world undone-

Corrupt governments and civilizations of savage people,

Where people don't rever you, Lord , - even under the church steeple !

These hypocrits, these liars,

THese murderers, only filled with earthly desires -

Well, that's just as i am , Lord - but i am resolved -

To try and do something unheard of in this day and age - and that is to try and have my problems solved !

( 'cuz ) i'm so tired of the way, i've been living life everyday,

And it's time for a serious change ---

My attitude, my heart, my all-in-all,

Everything about me, let me tear down my walls -

And the sin and strife , that steal my life, let it be washed away -

' Cuz it's time for a serious change !

And , Lord - no more sidleines for me,

Because when i look at the world - wanna ' know what i see ?

Something that makes me act on greater than mere choices,

Something that makes me wanna' do something - like a million innocent voices -

And i will no longer sit and be quiet, all comfortable in my little cage-

Be ready world -

'cuz all i have seen,

Has gotten me

Outraged !!!!!!!!!!!

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