Take My Beauty

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I would rather be ugly than to be constantly harrassed by men, ultimately leading to my worst and most recent sexual assault- the others were petty, not really worth telling the police, because it was mainly consensual-but..what can i say now?? it left marks on me...more than just skin deep..and all i can think, is that if i was ugly- men would not want me..

this was written on 10/10/10

Submitted: October 12, 2010

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Submitted: October 12, 2010



Take My beauty

Take my beauty,
Make me ugly, because the things men see,
Just isn't for me...

Take my glow,
I'll do without,
So the world will know,
That i scream and shout...

Take my charm,
Apathetic all around,
Hold me tight in your arms,
Like i was lost, now i'm found...

Only curses stand by me,
I can't be beautiful,
Make me ugly,
So i will not be for sale...

Then i'll know that love is true,
If yuo take my beauty,
The natural tlaent of the things i do,
So i can happily be ugly...

Being "normal",
My one desire,
So perhaps i won't fall,
Into black fire...

Take my beauty-
I give it up so you can be equipped,
Just prepare for the responsibility,
It is a curse and a gift...

Take my beaity,
Let me stand defaced,
Let ne be filled with hideous cooties,
That no one can erase...

Turn me into a monster,
One with terrible features,
Not this beautiful daughter,
But a heinous creature...

There's no love in just looks,
There must be a me,
Just like there's more to math than just books,
So it is with my beauty...

So, take my beauty,
No refunds, no take-backs,
Being beautiful doesn't suit me,
It's jut simple facts...

Maybe someone else
Can control it's wild nature,
So i can love myself,
In my true form of a hideous creature...

Take my ora and my pheromones,
All that drive men crazy,
You can have it all if you just leave me alone,
Make me ugly; take my beauty...

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