To Be All I'm Suppose To Be

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Like i've said in"Abandonded And Stranded ", i have a difficult choice coming up, and then, it got me thinking about all everyone says about me and how i can't possibly live up to what i'm suppose to be:
" best secret-keeper in the world " ( My freinds )
" always unselfish " ( my sister )
" always keeps her promises " ( my sister )
" really book-smart " ( everybody )
see my dilemna ?

Submitted: June 22, 2009

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Submitted: June 22, 2009



To Be What I'm Suppose To Be

Call me trustworthy all the time,

Some call me honest- yet i occassionally lie,

I'm a natural- born leader- though, i'd rather not be...

Always getting myself in trouble all to easily,

Asi try so hard to live up to,

The standards and boundaries put up by them you,

Always falling down- they expect me to get up,

I want to be wanted, and i love to be loved,

They all lean on me- so dependent,

'cuz they all know i'm independent-

And so sorry, that i gave them a false pretense,

how can i live up to this in the midst of my fiends ?

Always holding the pain in, so they don't see,

How i fall down so pahtetically in agony,

Thier problems i solve, again and agian...

Yet sometimes, all i simply need is my best friends...

I don't want to complain,

Yet - occasionally - it drives me insane ! -

And up a wall, Don't know why i bother to care at all,

As i can never quite get it right-

what i'm suspected to be in life-

Now turn away as i cry so privately,

As i try to live up,

As i try not to mess up,

As i try to be what i'm suppose to be !!

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