From the girl who almost had him..

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I almost had him...

From the girl that almost had him.

You thought it never hurt.

You think i'll just look past it?

Like the blood stains on your shirt.

From the girl who cried last night

because she understands she never felt his kiss,

she never smelt the sweet embrace..

Of the scent from between his lips.

From the girl who began to trust you,

and all the things you said

but now i think i understand...

Maybe im just misled.

From the girl who never heard the meaning,

of his sweet \"I love you\"

it was just a lie...

i just heard \"I lust you\"

From the girl who never had him,

I got hurt here too,

but maybe you cant see that...

Because he had you.

Submitted: February 15, 2010

© Copyright 2022 caitlynbecca. All rights reserved.

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