A Veil of Uncertainty

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What if you never meant to rid someone that you never knew would be involved?...

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011




  July 5, 2010. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The break of dawn glistens through the orifice of  the prodigious kitchen window. The frigid air circulated the humid kitchen. I woke up this morning and all I could descry was a thick ribbon of rubies blinding my vision. Along with a hammering migraine that wouldn't cease. I lay in a fetal position, on the icy, ivory floor. My navy blue shirt was soaked in such a lurid way. I felt as if I was secured in a boa constrictor. The feeling was horrendous. I twitched for a second, trying to escape this manipulating grasp. Goosebumps ran up my entire body once I was able to stand on both legs. Though, my vision was still blurred. I grabbed a damp dishcloth off the kitchen table and began to remove whatever that was blocking my view. As I cleaned off my face, I realized what I was removing from my face. An exsiccated crimson liquid was divulged as I culminated the rest of it off my face. I gasped in abhorrence. I stumbled back a bit during my state of hysteria. Then all of a sudden, I lost my balance and fell over something spacious on the kitchen floor. "My god. What the hell?..." I caught a glimpse of what I tripped over. "...No..." I stood up and saw the most unnerving image clutching my attention. A cadaverous body lay bloodied on the now bleached garnet floor. "Oh,...No...No...This can't be...
No...I..." I rubbed my head in agitation. Though, I didn't even realize I had a bloody knife in my left hand."...Shit...No...Oh my god..." I vacillated from the knife to the body. The feeling of consternation was hindering my lack of mobility. I suddenly dropped the acuminous knife onto the ivory floor. The moment the knife hit the floor, I had lost consciousness once again. My mind faded to a caliginous cloak of contrition.


  July 4, 2010. Little Rock, Arkansas. The distinct sound of obstreperous rock music playing in the back round of an ordinary suburban home. A large family gathering was brewing as glasses of various drinks, clinked together in unison. The aura of laughter and merriment loitered the capacious home. "Bye, guys! I'll see you all for Thanksgiving, all right?" I said in an urgent tone. I was about to enter my Audi R8 V10, however, I was restrained. "Ryan Jason Akerman! You will make sure that you will remember to come back here for Thanksgiving holidays. The previous Thanksgiving was such a bore without your humorous personality to lighten up the evening." My mother said as she strolled towards me with open arms. "Of course I'll be back here, mom. I promise." I said as my mom wrapped her arms around my waist, since my height was 6' 2". "Good." My mom hugged me tightly. The rest of my family sent their humble farewells as I entered my extravagant car. I bid adieu to my nourishing family as I drove off at an accelerated speed.

  As I was reaching the last exit to go home, I turned on the radio to lighten up the reticent mood. The resonance of Bon Jovi's symphony faltered my muted conscience. "This ain't a song for the brokenhearted." As the song flowed through the car like an aroma of intense bass instrumental, my cell phone rang from the passenger seat. I activated my blue tooth system and answered. “Ryan Akerman speaking.” “Ah, how’s my baby brother?” A female voice said. “No...Atalie?” I answered happily. “Yup. Sorry for not showing up at the reunion. Was busy. Anyway your on your way home?” Atalie said. “Yeah, I’m on my way.” I replied. “Good, then.” Atalie said. Then suddenly, the line went dead. “...Atalie? Hello? At?” I said scarcely. “What the hell happened?”

  Once I reached my shady home in the caliginous night, I saw a white silohette with piercing red eyes staring back at me in the rear view mirror. Then, my mind was dead. All I could feel was blood, splattering onto my shirt. I was frightened inside, however, the constraining, demonic soul that took over had a mind of its own. I couldn’t hear myself anymore because of the horrid screams from a woman that I recognized to be what I didn’t want it to be...My sister...Atalie...I slaughtered her...God...I woke up, gasping for air... The countdown of my death will start in 3. 2...2...I grabbed the knife that sat forth in front of me...2...1...Silence...

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