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I'd like to share my book review of the book I've read "Lisa in New York".It is really an enjoyable adventure book full of mysteries.

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



Don’t say that ‘ It is just a clue.’


Before you read this book, you should think twice .This book is so exciting. When you read this book, your hearth will bumb faster. Create by H.Q. Mitchell. This book is about adventures of a girl.This lucky girl won something but what? It helps to go to New York. When she go to New York, she noticed something. Her life changed. She have a family in New York but When she met her other family, she couldn’t see a person . Who is this person? No bady could not learn who is this person. This person is he or she but this person is very mysterious. Mystery person always leaves some clues .In fact all clues are related each other.  All clues are for Lisa .Lisa is lucly girl.She won something. Lisa and Lisa’s cousin called George ramble in New York. They saw clues every where.They try to understand what this clue is mean .When they ramble in New York, they saw girl in a pink hat. This girl is unknown. Will she help them? Or is she who play the game? Small clues are a part of big things.Sometimes people play games you never thought possible. Sometimes you should not learn some secrets. If you want to learn these secrets, you have to read this book! Don’t for get it buying a soda can help you for solve the mystery! The reason I like the book , infact, you don’t know anyting. I recomend this book! Big think!

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