Aphrodisiacs: do they really work?

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Food that arouse sexual appetite.

Submitted: November 08, 2007

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Submitted: November 08, 2007



Aphrodisiacs: do they really work?
Ever since Adam and Eve apples have been synonymous with temptation, tomatoes known as “love” apples by the Puritans have a reputation as a sexual stimulant.  The “Perfumed garden “ a 16th century treatise reports that onion seeds and honey , peas boiled with onions and spiced with cinnamon and ginger , cardamom, honey almonds and pine nuts are supposed to get you in the mood for  love.
Ancient myths of aphrodisiacs such  rhino horns is said to make men sexually rampant and asparagus bananas eels oysters figs and ginseng are also gained respecting in facilitating those obstacles that can make  it difficult or not completely to satisfy and achieve  sexual pleasure. The Kuma Sutra hints a rams or goat testicles boiled in sweetened milk and sparrow’s eggs and rice with butter and honey are capable of producing the desired sexual effect. Aphrodite’s birthplace the sea , whipped  up myths that seafood vital to the thyroid gland are especially “sympathetic magic “ foods. Oysters, the most famous aphrodisiacs provide and create a visual stimulation that look like the genitals and also have a high level of zinc that can help overall health and produce testosterone. Caviar is also thought to enhance sexual desire because it improves nerve cells that can stimulate romantic feelings.According to myth bananas visually appealing for its phallic shape contain potassium and vitamin B which are essential for the production of “love” : hormones and also contain chemicals that reportedly have a mood lifting effect in the brain and thus improves  self confidence Carrot also popular for their appearance are high fiber content that may induce sexual desires . Chile peppers, spicy foods get the heart pumping and induce sweating with the flushed appearance of sexual excitement. Chocolate is thought to act as a  potent seductive substance as it providesa jolt in caffeine, and the plant too has a flower that looks like sex organs and that can help trigger the release of sexual hormones such as testosterone. It also helps increase the blood flow to the genitals that can stimulate sexual excitement. . Ginger roots can boost energy and get you in the mood for love in both men and women. Green olives are believed to make men more virile while black olives increase women’s sex drive
Finally the Spanish fly a substance made from the dried-out bodies of beetles (though actually dangerous)  taken as a powder , solution in or tablet is known to arouse the sexual organs and make you wanting more,
 Though most people strive for an exciting and satisfying sex life and health and vitality are one on the prerequisite thetruth is that there is no scientific proof that foods possess potent substances to heighten desire and/orimprove sexual performance and strengthen the libido The experts think the existence of food to trigger and advancesexual desire is an old hypothesis. The common belief that these foods may contain a chemical compound that immediately get people going and have yearnings to have sex has never been proven and that in any case these aphrodisiacs must be consumed in very large quantities in order to make any difference at all.  Montezuma for instance would drink 50 cups of chocolate every day before making the rounds of  all his 600 femalecompanions. 
 So far the only chemicals proven to be able to trigger some reaction in these directions are olfactory substances and are not eaten and statistically it has never been proven that by eating these flirting foods will trigger the libido and make users “strong for the act of love and disposed to lying together” .The skeptics argue that the presumed aphrodisiacs substances would have to survive to a hostile acid environment of the stomach to be then transported though the gastrointestinal feature and then from there into the blood and brain . This process would demand time and the cause -effect would take place a long time after the consumption of the substance furthermore the substance could be flashed outbefore the aphrodisiacs could reach its objective. Rather then food the person you are with is makes the difference the skeptics saythough suggestion can be a powerful thing and using foods and drinks as part of your seduction technique can improve to your sex life and spice up your relationship.
If you really want to make an impression and prepare the mealto hitch it is important to choose food  that make you happy and appeal to your own taste buds thus increase self confidence and lower inhibitions and make you a better flirt
 A dozen oysters or with champagne, followed by avocado and raspberry salad with spread of fresh goat cheese on crusty baguette , a classical Italian seafood dinner decorated with garnish of pomegranate and pine nuts , a luscious tangy mousse with passion fruit and chocolate can leave lovers in the mood and coming back for more.

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