I Will Eat

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A prisoner is given bail and a new family.

Submitted: January 02, 2015

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Submitted: January 02, 2015



I Will Eat


This is the second time I’ve been here. Again, I have been stripped of my name. My ID is Prisoner 17117. That is all I am ever referred to as in this prison. The first time I was in here I was in for destruction of personal property. I was given probation very shortly after. In less than four weeks, I was right back in the prison, stripped of my name, and given back my ID.

Things then went on from there, and I eventually found myself hearing rumors that everybody in this prison is always on death row, if they don’t get bailed out fast enough. I had only one problem, nobody cared about me enough to bail me out, everybody I had come to know and love had turned their back on me and left me behind, which eventually resulted me in ending up in this hellhole.

The floors are caked with fecal matter and blood, the other inmates are slowly decaying away and only becoming skinnier. Sadly, I am no longer any different than those other inmates. I’m decaying slowly and I can see each vertebrae of my spine. The food that they have given to me for the years I have been here is dry, crunchy, tasteless, and there is not much of it. I eat as much of it as I can, and have even taken some from the others. While it has gotten me several scrapes and bruises, it also has let me live a few more days. The most recent food I have taken resulted in a large fight that I managed to slink away from, it was a near riot. It took all on staff guards to get the fight under control. While the others were fighting and leaving one another with gashes, I managed to steal three meals of food.

This is what my life has devolved into. I’ve been forced to steal terrible food from other people who are trying to steal food from me.  I’ve gone days without food before, but even with massive scores of food in one day, another day without food may make me end up dead and stacked with the other bodies. Several other prisoners have died from starvation because of the fact that only enough food to survive is given, and the weak get their food taken from them, so that the strong may get more. Sadly, I have been slipping on the food chain, and need to use trickery to get an extra meal.

The others have told me that I have lasted longer than the others, usually people who have been in this prison are for longer than a few years are taken to the right, a dead end and are presumed to be dead. Those who last longer tend to be taken to the left, the same way that we entered, to go back into the world. The others believe that I am to be taken to the left, because of how long I’ve been left in this prison, but every time I am taken to the left I am only taken back. This is the first time I have ever wanted to be taken to the right.

I laid down and decided that the best way to conserve my energy would be to lay down and sleep instead of worry about the bars that have entered my life more than one time. I found a spot with little urine on the floor and laid down to sleep. After a few moments of listening to the others cry in the distance, I quickly slipped into the long dark that is sleep.’

I woke up to the cries of the others around me. One of the guards was coming to take somebody away! Some flung themselves to the door, hoping to be brought to the left, others slung themselves to the back of their cells, fearing that they would be taken to the right. But, where did I lie in these two categories? Neither. I was in the front hoping to be taken to the right. To finally be able to be free of all that this world had brought down on me, the hunger and the fighting, the crying and the betrayal, would all stop if he just brought me to the right. The guard walked up to me with a rope in his hand to keep me restrained, he put it around my throat and drug me out of my cell. I turned toward the door on the right and smiled. Then, he pulled on me. He decided to drag me to the left. Shocked, I was too amazed to put up a fight, and simply went with him.

As I walked down the corridor the others stared in amazement. After the first return of an inmate they almost never leave again. I walked toward the end of the corridor, finding it hard to believe myself. The guard opened the door and pushed me through, excitement filled me and I regretted even thinking about going to the right. Two people stood on the other side of the door, and seemed happy to see me. Instantly I felt attachment to them, and I struggled against the rope and the guard released me from the grasp of it. I embraced the two people who had saved my life, the last thing I had.

The two who had saved me signed some papers and brought me outside into the parking lot that I had no good experiences with. They brought me to a large car that was a light green color on the outside, and they opened up the door for me. When I hopped into the car, there was dog hair everywhere, but it was better than the caked fecal matter and constant smell of urine that had kept me awake in the prison.

I laid down in the back and again fell into the long dark that is sleep, asking no questions as to where we were going, or when we would get there. The bumps in the pathway allowed me to be rocked to sleep in the security of my new family, who was bringing me to my new home.

A large bump eventually spurred me from my sleep and I allowed sleep to fade from my thoughts. I sat up in my spot in the car and all of the mountains I was so used to were gone. I didn’t know how long I had been asleep, but it had to have been a significant amount of time, because where I was now seemed like nothing but flatland, still being nervous around my new family, I decided that I would just wait and watch. The flatland became woodland, the woodland became suburban, the suburban became urban, and then it turned back into suburban, where we eventually turned and came to a single house with a large plot of land for children and animals.

My Mom and Dad both got out of the car and I was too shocked to step out myself. I had been given a home, a yard, and presumably plenty of food and drink. My father came to my door, and opened it up for me, and looked at me expectantly. I stared back at him and was amazed at the kindness of these people. I leaned out and sniffed the fresh air. It had an odd smell to it, not like the mountains and hills I was so used to. The air was more warm and moist instead of cool and crisp. There was a strong scent of stagnant water that I fully intended to deal with later whenever I had the capability to, assuming that nobody else would beat me to the task. I took my first step out onto foreign soil and I stepped onto a gravel driveway.

I walked up to the stairs and look around at my surroundings. I could feel that this was going to be a permanent home, not temporary like the others. I took my first steps up the stairs and hear the chatter of others inside. When I walked in I was greeted by others who were just like me. Others who had been turned on by their once family, and had been picked up by this family. They all surrounded me and I was immediately given food and drink. I swallowed it all up quickly before a word was spoken. The bread was the most high quality food I had tasted in my entire life. The water was seemingly infinite and it was cold- it had ice! Something I hadn’t seen since before my first day in the prison.

Water was constantly available in a massive steel vat, or inside smaller ceramic vats. A mass of food was available in a large steel container with a flap on the front side that blocked the food from insects and rodents. The yard was just as amazing as it looked from the outside. The others were always available for entertainment needs. I eventually took a liking to the female of the group, as she was the closest to my age, while the others were several years older than me. Her name was Allie, and she had hazel hair and hazel eyes. She had a story similar to mine, but instead of going to prison, she roamed the streets alone with nobody to help her, until of course my parents also decided to help her after seeing her walk down the street. She had been through the same torment that I had, with lack of food and drink. She remembered the way she felt when she had come along this family, and she told me about her first days with the family, and how my first few weeks with these individuals would be. My two brothers were older and only wished to rest, so I usually only talked to them just before nighttime before we all slipped into the long dark of sleep.

A few weeks have passed since my first day here. Now I sit here staring at this circular tube that they, being the humans, constantly put food into. I’ve watched what they do with it, all they do is throw it away. After all that time struggling for every little bit of food I could get, I can’t bear to see food go to waste. So, I’ve decided that one more account of destruction of personal property can only be but so bad, and I’m sure somebody will bail me out, again. I stood up on my back legs and pressed open the lid with my nose, I inhaled deeply and smelt the wonderful aroma of bacon and onions in a blend that had been roasting in the can for the past few days. I dropped my paw onto the lip of the can and pulled it down to the floor. All food items fell out of it and collapsed to the floor. My brothers and sister came running to the sound, and became frantic at the sight of my victory. They indulged in the victory just as much as I did, and we feasted for hours until the day came full swing. We pulled pieces of it out and brought it into the yard for our own entertainment purposes, to chew on the pieces and shred them as playthings. Wrappers that once housed food were very easily one of my favorite things to chew on, but they were usually caked in an odd brown powder that tasted bitter and did not sit on the tongue very well.

This lasted for about an hour, going back to the tube and picking up a piece of something that you think you will enjoy, and then going and finding a place you could be alone and enjoy that piece of whatever it is you worked for. I took a liking to a very soft mattress with several blankets on it. I eventually ate so much on it that there was nowhere I could lay down on it. I pushed some things aside and went to sleep, I dreamt of wrappers and food, that odd black powder and its taste, and how anybody could enjoy it, I also dreamt of my great plan, how would they know which one of us got into the tube?

My dreams were very quickly ended by the sound of the front door knob rattling, and then a key being inserted into it. A click and a second rattle came as the door squeaked open, and I sat waiting for whomever it was on the other side, caked in dirt and food, with wrappers surrounding me on every side. The door swung fully open and their eyes widened, I could see anger creeping through their veins, how did they know?

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