The Dead Girl's Story

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This story is an emotional story. It is about a girl who is dead now and she is telling her story from childhood till death.

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012




The dead girl’s story



Once there lived a girl named Anna Louis. She lived with her maternal aunt and uncle as her mom died when she gave birth to Anna. Seeing his wife dead, her father died at the moment. She did know this, but never felt unhappy or lonely. Infact she was very joyful and made everyone happy. Her teachers were always happy with her. She had a friendly nature with her friends, respect for elders and anger for evils. She always supported truth and didn’t think that her friendship will break if she reveals the truth. Apart from all this fun, she was also very good at studies. Infact she was the topper of the class. First, when she came to her aunt’s house, she found it very uncomfortable to stay there. But as time passed she was ok with all that was available. One day she was going through one book as she was finding a form inside it. She came across something- something very touchy. It was her mom’s photograph. She turned the page and found her dad’s photo. She again turned the page and found the form. She was happy. She went downstairs for her bath, there was a smile on her face but on the mind were the photos coming as if a slideshow was going on. While her bath also those photos were there in the mind. After her bath she went upstairs and found the book there. She thought for a while and then decided to look for the photos. She turned a couple of pages and then found the photos. She was very happy to see her parents, the first time. But after a couple of minutes, she became emotional and tears came to her eyes. She started crying and her uncle & aunt came upstairs to see what had happened. When they found out what the matter was, they took the photos and hid them somewhere.

After some years…...

“Hey Aunt! I am getting late for my school.” anna said. Anna, her aunt and all her family members went for a party last night. It was her uncle’s colleague’s farewell party. They came late, around 4:00 am and anna was so tired that she fell asleep. She woke up around 6:00 am and found her family members sleeping, even her aunt! She was thinking if there was any sort of homework when she remembered that she was having her maths homework. She always found maths boring and irritating but there was no choice. She had to do the homework. She sat down on her chair and took out her maths textbook. By 6:30, her homework was complete. Now it was time to get ready. But to her astonishment, her aunt was still sleeping. She was afraid that she would get late for school. She quickly went towards her aunt and called out her aunt. She woke up yawning and stretching.

“Why did you wake me up so early? It’s only…” her aunt said. But she was surprised when she looked at the time. It was 6:45 am.

“Now come on fast aunt. We have to reach the bus stop by 7:15. Or else they will leave me and go.” anna said. She quickly went upstairs and started dressing herself. When she was all set, she remembered that she had to take a sign of her aunt on the test paper. She quickly took it out and went downstairs. There she found her lunch box ready on the dining table. She called her aunt and she came. She asked what happened now. Anna told her and her aunt signed the test paper. Now it was time that anna left for the bus stop. She bid her aunt goodbye. But this goodbye was for the rest of her life. Anna’s aunt saw her for the last time. A Car came suddenly and crushed anna under its wheels. And when the car had gone off the body, there was a big rush around Anna’s body. Suddenly a car came and stopped near her body. It was Anna’s class teacher, Mrs. Tahira. She went through the rush till she was inside it, looking at Anna’s body. She quickly called her uncle and aunt and they were there in no time. Her aunt started crying. They rushed Anna’s body to the hospital. But after sometime, the doctor gave up and told them that Anna was dead. After some years, the uncle and aunt had a baby girl and they gave it the name, ANNA. She was just the opposite of the dead anna. She was very naughty, very disobedient and very bad in studies. One Sunday morning aunt was forcing anna to study maths, but she refused. She hated maths like anything. Aunt told her twice, thrice and then finally she lost her temper and shouted on anna, “The first anna was better than you. Whenever I told her to study maths, she never argued with me like you are doing now. She also hated maths but she never did like you…” When aunt was about to finish her sentence, anna interrupted and said, “who is this first anna, mom?”

“Please forgive me baby. I never told you that you aren’t our first child, you are our second one.” said aunt, replying to anna.

“Well mom, what was your first child’s name? Hmmm…. was it anna?” asked anna.

“Yes. It was. She died when she was 9 year old.” aunt then told anna the whole story. She was feeling very much ashamed of herself.

Anna told aunt, “Mom, from now onwards, I’ll study well and score good marks. There will be no complaints regarding my studies or regarding my behavior from my teachers.” After saying all this, anna went into her study room and studied for 2 hours and then felt hungry. She asked aunt for food and after sometime, the food was placed in front of her. After this, they all lived happily.

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