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This is part 2 of teh Julia story. It is about a compleatly diffrent girl and she was also raped. She decides to have the child.

Submitted: June 28, 2008

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Submitted: June 28, 2008



Catherine’s Story
“Shhhhh, Catherine! It’s gonna be okay, he didn’t even hit you all that hard.” Jimmy said calmly as we sat on the couch me in tears and him stroking my back.
“Yeah Catherine, you can take it” Benjamin chimed in.
“Listen doesn’t be mad you guys but it’s not that I got hit, the thing is I’m pregnant.
“Catherine, the thing is, I know, but I also know I’m not the father” Jimmy responded. “So who the fuck was it babe.”
“I can’t tell you, I, I, I don’t know who it was” through tears I told them “I was raped”.
The two boys just sat on the couch looking at me in silence.
I was eighteen and living with Jimmy at that time so I knew that the next few months would be some of the hardest of my life.  I had already told my parents that I was pregnant and they assumed that Jimmy was the father, but after telling Jimmy about everything I called them up and told them the truth. They were upset and demanded that the next day I go to the police.
The next morning I woke up, and went straight down to the station in town. They sat me down in an interrogation room and we talked for about an hour. When I was done talking to the detectives I was escorted out and told they would do their best and that the rapist would definitely need to pay child support. I was more than happy about that since Jimmy and I barely made enough to support the two of us, we had our apartment, the necessities, and each other. I left the station.
I arrived home about ten minutes after I left the station and as I walked up to the door I saw Jimmy open it for me and he was standing there with his sexy devilish smile on. “I have a surprise for you” Jimmy winked at me as he held out a wine glass to me.
“I can’t drink that” I said “you should know that”.
“You can its apple cider”
“Awww, baby you think of everything” I smiled at him. He took my hand and told me to close my eyes and I felt him leading me into the little apartment.
“Okay babe, open!” Jimmy held onto my hand; my eyes opened to reveal a romantic dinner for two set up in our tiny dining room.
Jimmy and I sat down and began to eat. “Wait, where’s the ring?” I questioned, “You know I don’t want to get married yet”.
“No ring, I don’t wanna get married yet either. I just wanted to show you how much I love you, and give you this.” Jimmy pulled a velvet box from under the table and opened it to reveal a beautiful diamond necklace.
“Oh Jimmy I love you too! Wherever did you get eh money for this?”
“I have been waiting for the perfect time to give it to you and I figured well you know. Let’s finish eating before it gets cold and there is one more surprise for the night.”
“There’s more? Let’s finish eating but you didn’t have to do all this”
“Don’t sweat it just enjoy”
“Alright!” I looked at him a little bit skeptical.
Jimmy and I lay down in the bed together to fall asleep. I was in my tank top and shorts and I watched Jimmy in his boxers put in the first movie into the DVD player. We watched the notebook and then feel asleep to the Rocky Horror Picture show. It was so perfect.
I woke up in the morning and found that I was alone in the bedroom. I ventured out into the apartment to find Jimmy and found a letter on the kitchen counter that read
Hey babe, I figured after the excitement that has been going on lately you would want to sleep in so I woke up and went straight to the dojo to workout. I have my car and your keys are on the counter if you feel like teaching today, or if you just wanna come down to see me. I love you,
“Aww how sweet” I said to the empty apartment as I walked back to the bedroom to =get dressed and ready to go. I couldn’t workout but I could teach or so office work, I finished getting my things together and grabbed my keys off the counter, I left the house quickly I wanted to go catch Jimmy and his dad before they both got on the floor to train and teach all day.
On my way to the dojo I decided that Jimmy and I had to come up with a way to pay his parents back. We had a deal with them that Jimmy and I work for them at the Karate and dance studio and they pay our rent but what we made working was not even close to what they pay for our rent and they get us very expensive things every chance they can get. By now Jimmy and I owe them a good 5,000 dollars and more; who knows when Jimmy will get a real job hes still trying to get into the NBA.
“Hey baby” Jimmy smiled at me and walked around the desk to give me a hug and a little kiss the second I walk into the office “What are you doing here? I figured you would stay home and rest.” Jimmy smiled.
“Yeah right” I scoffed back at him “I’m gonna be here every chance I can get until this baby gets here”. 
Jimmy leaned over and kissed me on the cheek “well, do me a favor babe, take it easy. I don’t want you getting hurt and I don’t want you to hurt the baby either” with that he dropped the subject and went into the classroom to warm up the kids.
“Listen” I looked over at Jimmy’s mom “we need a way to pay you back for all the money you have been giving us”.
“No!” she calmly said but with firmness “Jimmy is my baby and even if you and him were not involved you’re a close friend of the family “don’t worry about it at all”.
“Thank you!” I hugged her “Well I’m gonna go watch and teach a little bit”
“Be careful!” She called after me.
I walked onto the floor and bowed in as I had many times before this was a green belt class so I began to walk up and down the floor making sure all the kids were stretching properly, especially the young ones and the ones with special needs.
“The following students go to Sensei Catherine” Jimmy shouted “James, Mike, Charlie, Lara, and Morgan”.
“Yes sir” they shouted as they walked over to me.
Jimmy divided the rest of the class between himself and Sensei’s Nick and Joseph. He then told us what to do “Go through yellow belt material then move onto green belt. Catherine your guys need self defense, mine need kata, and Nick and Joseph yours need Sancheen training”. 
“Yes sir!” I yelled very loud to show my students how it was done at black belt. We went to work right away and before we knew it class was over and Jimmy was closing out. Jimmy and I went through a few more classes like that and were finished by five. Jimmy, myself, and his parents were all in the office talking.
“So what karate is there tomorrow?” Jimmy asked.
“I have a birthday party at two, but that’s easy.” I mentioned.
“Then I’m going to go play some basketball with the guys, if that’s alright with you.”
“Go for it!” I smiled at him. We all left and drove home.
The next few months continued and I was about five months into my pregnancy when the day of my rapists’ court trail came. I was the key eyewitness so that morning Jimmy and I got up, got dressed nicely, and drove down to the courthouse together.
The trial went on and on, I was called up to testify and I broke down crying as was expected. The trial ended and the rapist was sent to jail and I was awarded $2,000 a month for the next five years and half of the Childs tuition for college when the time came.
I felt sharp pains right after the trial, I thought I was going into labor even though I was only five months pregnant, so Jimmy drove me to the hospital. Twelve hours later I gave birth to a small baby girl named Rosalina, she was only 4 pounds 7 ounces. Jimmy and I took good care of our little child, as far as I was concerned Jimmy was Rosalina’s father.
Jimmy and I are getting married in two months, I will walk down the aisle with my six month old baby girl in my arms in a wedding dress I designed.
For our wedding Jimmy’s father gave us the karate studio to run. I do most of the work, since Jimmy made the Nicks when Rosalina was three months old, and I love it. I wouldn’t give up my life for anything. Jimmy and I love Rosalina and are going to have another few children some day, but for now we are happy just the three of us.

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