Deadly Marriage

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A young witch marries her vampire savior who she becomes unnaturally obsessed with.

Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011




“I take you Michael to be my wedded husband to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish ‘till death do us part’ and hereto I pledge to you,” I took a breath this had been hard for me when I was young but this was my love, my one true angel, “my faithfulness.”

As he began his own set of long obnoxious vows I began to dream. Dream of tonight, it’s the night, the night I get my bite. This wedding is perfect, white dress, flowers, church, and the perfect reception planned for after the ceremony. Tonight will give me the ultimate high, the ultimate perfection, and so I begin to daydream farther, deeper into my mind. To the past, to the night we first met. It was and always will be for eternity, the best and worst night of my entire living life.

To this day he remains mysterious, to this day he won’t tell me how he knew I was there, to this day he won’t tell me details, so you’ll excuse my hazy memory. I do remember where I was and what I was doing, it was Halloween, I was in the woods down between old Rose Road, and Larkspur Lane. It was time for the spirits to go home off to the beyond so I finished my spells and said goodbye. Casting and calling takes a lot of energy especially being that I am such a little, young witch. Slinking back against the nearest tree and sliding back on my heels to the cold welcome dirt floor, I closed my eyes and sat for a moment, saying my last little prayer of the deadly holiday. Taking the moment to relax and let the spirits go is important but the key is to not let your own spirit be wrenched out of your body to go with them. Then it happened!

12:01 November First, sitting in the woods alone after a rough night of work and play. This is when it gets hazy; a blunt crack from behind, shattered wood, extreme darkness, excruciating pain, warm thick streams. To this day I don’t know what happened between the cracking noise and when I opened my eyes to a disheveled, blood stained red and black lacy ceremonial dress, and Him. 

He was gorgeous and kind, muscular and gentlemanly.

“Do I have permission to touch you miss” the deep voice of an angel spoke. I must have felt he was safe because I nodded my head and he proceeded. That’s when I saw them, two shiny white daggers, being unsheathed from their belt in his mouth. They ripped his wrist gently and he coached me on sweetly, “Drink” he commanded. I drank, and drank! I must have passed out because I only vaguely remember being picked up and carried home. It was dead silent, and whatever had me seemed strong and seemed to know its way.

After that night I didn’t see him for a long time, I even began to suspect I had dreamed the entire thing. Then one night he came by to check on me I suppose. We talked all night, about our lives, magic, the devil, god, and everything in between. We wound up dating for a bit but it wasn’t long before I asked for perfection. “NO” he barked in such a way that he ran off and I crawled into the corner and stayed their till dawn. That day I cried until he returned at dusk just as the sun was setting and he asked me to marry him. I figured this would be it, I would reach total, complete, and utter perfection.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Snapping back to reality I felt his hot hands engulf me and his cool breath hit my throat. I felt fangs and knew, he was ready for tonight.

The night came and went, we moved into the old cottage into the woods which he refurbished to make our own. On our one year anniversary he gave me something, something strange. He came to me standing underneath a young tree we planted when we moved in, and he handed it to me. My anniversary present, a silver belt like object, handmade, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Engraved on it was “This will always protect you, even from me, LOVE MICHAEL.”

He still hasn’t bitten me, he still hasn’t let me have my perfection, and he’s a jerk. I love him and I truly did but we promised “till death do us part” and that’s what I wanted. At least then I would reach perfection.  Was perfection too much to ask for?  No! Never!

That was the night I decided, I decided the perfect plan. First leave a note, “Dear Mike I have gone out to visit your old buddy Damon. Love, Chrystal”. Yes that would work, Damon was the bitter rival, an evil sort of vampire, he wanted me since the beginning, and he would let me have my one ultimate perfection. He was almost as strong and almost as hansom as Mike, he would have to do. I spoke allowed to myself “Well, till death do us part, My Love”.

I started off to Damon’s, high in the mountains deep in the woods where he could hunt or whatever else he dam well pleased. I had only been there once before, on a Halloween. It was the perfect location to call a spirit, but that time Mike took Damon away, this time I would be alone, and Damon would be home.  The perfect setting dark, deep in the woods a witch and her husband’s rival. When the deed was done Damon would die, my night would come and he would avenge me. He would also learn that I was right, the entire time.

I understood why Mike wouldn’t bite me, but I want ready to give up. Perfection would be beyond perfect with Mike but Damon would have to do. Or maybe my Vamp with the shining teeth would come rescue me, the innocent, lovely, fragile, and as far as he was concerned human girl. 

I arrived at Damon’s front door and knocked very slowly, knockknockknock.

“Yes” Damon opened the door very slowly and my heart skipped a dozen or so beats, “Oh well if it isn’t the lovely delicious little witch. No husband tonight whatever could give me this delightful pleasure my dear”.

“I have a favor! One I’m sick of my dreaded pussy husband not granting me.” I figured it would get me off better if I could lay on the anti-Mike thing a bit, after all this was his mortal enemy.

“Go on” he smiled like the Devil.

“Bite me!” I belted out and sprang across the room into Damon’s arms.

He pulled me in tight and flashed his fangs and looked as if he would do it, then he stood up, “My dear for you see, you are claimed, I cannot do anything to you without HIS permission” he hissed the words out batting his tongue like a snake. “So you see my lovely little one, my hands are tied.”

“What?” I cried our as I pushed away from the vampire. Ha, Some evil creature’s vampires were turning out to be!

He led me to the door and scooted me out “Simply put, come back when you’re no longer his and we have a deal” then he shut the door abruptly.

I don’t remember what happened next; I rushed home 100 miles an hour down the hill in my mustang cracking sticks and leaves under my tires. When I got home I grabbed the ex out of the barn and chopped down the sapling and sharpened the end of a thick branch. Next I tied the thick metal chain from Mike around the stake, and went inside. I hid the branch under the big black throw pillow on the bed, undressed and put on a slinky black number. “Mike” I called sounding both cute and innocent, when he got in the room he was mad and playful. He pounced and as I traced his chest with my finger I said “Last chance love, BITE ME”.

“No” he was a man of his word to himself.

“To bad” I childishly responded and I pulled the stake out, the moment it touched his perfect bare chest thanks to the metal he was wounded, burned.  He opened his mouth fangs out as I had hoped and I dug the stake through his heart. Blood poured form every fiber in his body and he lay there mouth open fangs out and bleeding. His teeth were mine, my prize, and my perfection. Lying on top of him I was able to push my body on to him so the stake drove into him deeper and deeper. The fangs pierced into my neck tearing skin with every motion, digging deeper with every drive of the stake. I whispered in a hushed tone as I lay on top of his bloody corpse bleeding out “Together, Perfection at last. Till death do us part.”  

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