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This is about a teenage girl who gets raped. She is telling the story of what happened and her road to recovery, and how her friends help her get through a tough time.

Submitted: February 24, 2008

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Submitted: February 24, 2008



I was running, running faster than I ever have. I was running from a man the most frightening thing I have ever run from. Let me take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Julia McMann, I am a 14 year old girl and for the most part I am normal. I hear footsteps getting closer and closer but I’m almost to my best friend Chucks house were I can stay until the man goes away.
“Ahhhhhhhhhh” I screamed as the man came closer and closer “Help, help”.
No one came out to help me it figures in this town, everyone just thinks it’s another little kid joking around in the street or they are in some dumb tropical spot on vacation since its Memorial Day weekend. I hope I can keep it up at this pace, it’s like ninety degrees out and I feel like I’m going to die.
Like I said before I am a 14 year old girl. I only talk about two things in life, and that is boys and karate. Now that I’ve gotten to the subject of boys I will tell you about some of the ones I talk about. Well first off my best friend is a guy, Chuck. I have a sorta friend with benefits relationship with this total hottie, Jimmy. Jimmy is 5 feet 6 inches, Italian, blonde hair and a total player. I don’t like that he plays girls, but hey who’s perfect? I am super crazy around guys and have crushes on lots of people, but not all of them are serious crushes, but there are to people in particular besides Robert there’s Tommy and Steve (they’re brothers). I am sharing all about the guys because they play a big part in y life, and I was thinking about each and everyone of them when I was running from the man.
Why is this man chasing me? Well the answer is simple, I told on this little jerk Toney after he constantly harassed me and now one of his dads hired mafia type guys is chasing me. I had no idea what he was going to try and do but I knew that I didn’t really want to stick around to find out.
I’m so scared; all I have to do is keep running. “Ahhhhhhhhhh….” Everything around me went black. I can open my eyes a bit, all I know is that I’m on the ground and I can feel the warm blood oozing down my face. I can here voices and frightened but comforting words and everything goes black after that.
I couldn’t open my eyes more than to blink, I could here a nurse or something telling my mom that she should tell me what happened instead of letting the doctor do it. I can hear my mom walk over and she was by my side holding my hand.
“Julia the man who was chasing you raped you, you’re going to be ok and they caught him. You should be out of here in about a week but karate’s going to be hard because when you fell he shoved pebbles in the gash so we had to give you and operation to get all the rocks out and clean the wound.”
“Hugh” I managed to murmur “I don’t care right now I’m just happy I’m alive and safe”. Then everything when black and I slept for a few more hours, when I awoke a nurse came in and gave me some water and gross liquid to fall back asleep until the morning.
When I awoke in the morning I felt tiered and dizzy. I just lay there trying to make sense of what had happened the last two days; I was chased and raped, was that it. About five minutes later a short, fat, black, woman walked in, and she introduced herself as a nurse. She asked me some questions about how I was feeling and what was hurting, she also ran some simple tests. She explained that I was probably not ready to eat a full meal but I should try eating some fruit and drinking some milk. I gave a quiet “ok” as a reply and the woman finished.
“Your parents said they’d be back around ten today but if you need anything before that just page me or one of the other nurses” the woman said as she explained how the bed worked and how I could contact the nurses.
“Thank you” I mentioned as a tall man with a big tray holding breakfast walked in. I skipped everything except half the milk and half the fruit as told and sat back to watch some TV as I waited for my mom to come in.
I needed to know what was going on and why I was in so much pain, so I thought about it for awhile and called in one of the nurses. When the woman walked in she was young and thin this time with long dark hair she said that she didn’t have time to talk to me now and that the doctor would answer any questions I had when he came in later. She mumbled something to herself that I couldn’t make out and left the room briskly.
The doctor and my mom walked in at the same time. The doctor explained that the pebbles had been forced into cuts on my legs (some knife made) and the cuts where crazy glued together but that I would be fine after a few weeks on heavy medicine. He reviewed my file quickly and left me and my mom to talk.
“Julia, I brought some of your things from home and I called the dance. They wanted to know if they could tell the advanced class what happened, they said someone would make the announcement and that they would make sure you had plenty of visitors.”
My mom stayed for a few more hours, and when Steph and Patch walked in she left. Steph’s little brother climbed onto the bed and gave me a hug, and Patch got some water for the flowers that her brother Greg and his girlfriend Michelle brought for me. We all hung out for a little while, they left and promised to tell everyone I said “Hi” then they left. I was so tired that night that I feel asleep by six. 
I have very bad luck with boys. I don’t take any shit from them and I hate men who treat women like they’re toys. I always seem to pick the wrong guy, I have never had a boyfriend, but I’m not that pathetic I have kissed a guy before (it just never worked out). It’s not that I’m not pretty, I just am annoying sometimes and I have a different attitude than other girls (which some guys may like, but not the ones I like). I liked Chuck then we just became amazing friends, and I still love him; I liked Greg for about three years. I’m doing fine with Jimmy but sometimes I need to struggle to get him to do anything with me (since he’s such a player he needs to act like he doesn’t need me). I also have Ralph, Tommy, and Steve. Ralph is too old for me and I know that he is just a friend, and I can tell him anything regardless of how strange it is. Tommy and Steve are brothers, and I think they’re both cute; the older one, Tommy just is a bit more with reality and into girls so I like him a little more.
I’m so tired, and I have a massive headache, I press the nurse button. The next thing I know a nurse is holding a cool cloth on my head, and she was telling me to look up at her. Unfortunately none of the nurses could explain why I passed out, that is until the doctor found an extra amount of drugs in my body due to a slight overdose. There was an IV in my arm. I found out from the doctor that the IV was going to come out in about six hours.
I woke up the next morning feeling great except for my leg but for the most part I was feeling fine. I did some schoolwork and then watched some TV. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up it was around three so I decided to read for a little while before the guys came to see me after school.
I heard a knock at my door, when I looked up to see who it was I saw Tommy and Steve smiling at me. I put my book away and told them to come in. The two came in and sat down but as Steve came over to hug me he had to duck out of the way because I went to tousle his ear length amazing blonde hair.
“Hey, let’s go for a walk!” I recommended
I slid off the bed into the wheelchair that was near the bed and we were on our way. As we were walking down the hall we bumped into our other friend Ralph, we all said our hello’s and moved on. When we sat down outside Ralph anxiously asked about what happened. I told them all and they were all shocked but they promised me that everything would all be alright and that I was strong and that they would all help me get back into dance. We talked until it was almost four- thirty, and then the boys all walked me back to my room and left.
About five minutes after Ralph, Steve, and Tommy left Chuck walked in. We laughed and talked until around six when he said he had to get home to do some work.
Three weeks past and the doctors were ready to discharge me to the rehabilitation center. I had done well and my friends had seen me so much that it was time to go and I was more than happy about that. The police also needed me to look at a lineup so on my way to rehab I stopped by the station and looked.
I watched as about six men walked in to the small glass room as I sat on the other side. “I’m sorry but I can’t do this” I cried to the female cop who was standing next to me.
“Sweetie, please try”
I thought through it hard and all I could remember about the man was his strong hands all over me. Those disgusting hands had to belong to “NUMBER ONE!”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes! Now can I go?” Thankfully the women led me to my parents and I was allowed to go.
I got to the rehab place and my parents had to go but someone was already in my room to see me. I went upstairs to the third floor bedroom and I found my dance teachers Daniel, and Robert with Daniel’s younger son Alex. I looked right at Alex when I said in a cold voice after our hellos and questions about how everyone was, “So where’s Jimmy?” and quickly I followed up with the obvious answer “Playing basketball”.
“Well, actually he is just training at the studio” Alex came back at me with the same coldness but with a sweet little kid smile on him face that made how he spoke less evil.
“Well you can tell your brother for me that he doesn’t have to come, that I’m fine without him.” I continued with the coldness in my voice.
“Well, then I guess I should go” laughed a tall handsome figure at the door.
I whipped my head around “Jimmy” I smiled happily.
“Yeah, it just took me a second to figure out what I wanted…”
I looked right in his eyes and said “a friend?”
“No, you win! I want you to be my…”
In a cute sexy voice I looked at him and told him off, “don’t even go there baby”
Over the next few weeks I learned to walk and how to stretch out my leg muscles without hurting the injury that will always be there. The painful scar in my leg is just a physical reminder but my mind will never forget that mans hands grabbing me and taking my innocence but with friends and therapy I will learn how to handle the memories I need to live with.

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