isolated and forgotten

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i wrote this poem as sort of a suicide letter my parents disliking me my siblings desbicing me and nobody truly caring to listen to me, this poem was written 3 years ago and i just found it in my old binder enjoy

Submitted: August 08, 2011

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Submitted: August 08, 2011



If anyone will listen,
to what I'm about to say,
please understand the hurt I feel,
And how I got this way.

Left behind in darkness,
wedged between walls of ice,
I pray that someone hears me,
friend, foe, or even Jesus Christ.

Isolated in my fears,
caught between truth and the lies.
Will someone hear me screaming,
Or hear my desperate, pleading cries?

I don't believe in loving,
or having a caring friend,
because the second that you trust them,
is the second that they bend.

So In this hallow heart of mine,
Is a ivy of envy that's staring to twine,
and sprout the weeds of guilt,
That slowly began to quilt,

Over my hatred that began to grow,
Over my soul's ocean to ever flow,
Which to that I began to fall,
and to which I lost it all.

I'm sorry for the people I've hurt,
With this death I have presented,
But seeing what this could've been,
There's nothing that could've been prevented.


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