Sullonus Book 1: Short History of Sullonus

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This book will explain so key words that will appear in the second book. read this first.

Submitted: January 21, 2015

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Submitted: January 21, 2015



Sullonus: BOOK 1
The History of Sullonus

Chapter 1: The beginning

Sullonus (SULL-ON-US) was a mistake. You know, like the planet that was not supposed to exist but it exists anyway. That’s Sullonus. Harmonian was bored looking at Earth every single day and see that they are not advancing very fast. They are so lost with their technology and their intelligence. So Harmonian created Sullonus, at the other side of the Milky Way. Away from earth, VERY far away. But you know sometimes mistakes happen and a creation gets out of control and uses their power to cross the galaxy and look for civilizations to conquer.

Their primary weapon is the Energy Sword. The Energy Sword is one of Dilosians greatests weapons. The orb in the middle of the handle absorbs the type of magic from the user. By pressing the orb, the energy coloected is directed upwards through the handle, making it a very powerfrul sword.

One Year in Sullonus is 5 years in Earth years. Also the people of Sullonus advanced very fast. So they already had wheels and cars and bombs and GUNS by the time Sullonus was 5,000 years old. Harmonian created intelligence species in Sullonus when it was 1,000 years old. The story told in the next book is in 1 BS (Before Separation) and the times after is AS (After Separation). But the time in that story, people don’t know the Separation will happen so they called the year 6,125. By the time Sullonus was 7,000 years old, the people already invented space travel and would eventually reach Earth later on.

Sullonus is an earth like planet …but with very different species. They were like humans but they were taller and have a stronger intellect, and looked different depending on their Kingdom. Well, this science fantasy, or this history book (WINK, WINK) is told by Chaoses, so I influenced the wars in Sullonus, like the great Chaos war, and the WW1, WW2, WW3, and WW4 and other World Wars that caused Chaos. The first thing that the Sullonians decided to do was use their power that Harmonian gave to them to build powerful Civilizations. They were the Retaw (REH-TAW), 5 Air territories, Htrae (TRA-EEH), Land of Dilos (DEE-LUS), Resal (REH-SAWLL), Latrop (LAA-TROP), Fira (FEE-RA), Lightning (LIE-NEE), and Nikelet (NII-KEY-LETT). The others were also created by him but I won’t mention them now.

Sullonus have a western hemisphere and an eastern hemisphere. The western were where the Nomah and Saoch nations were located, the eastern hemisphere is where Mosanus, Olgel, and the Unknown Humans Civilization. Ever since Sullonus were created The Saoch were evil. It’s like my evil spirit lives within them. Before the Separation there was only one continent.
The Land of Fira will be the first kingdom introduced.

Fira is part of one of the Saoch kingdom and considered to be a dangerous enemies.
They were in every war the Saoch was involved. Their power over fire comes in handy against many of the Nomah elements

Then there’s the Resal. Their power over laser is awesome. If they survive when the guns are invented they would win every gun fight.
The Resalian control over laser is very useful against sieges. You don’t even need battering rams anymore. Just get a Resalian and BAM! No more gates or walls. There is so much light coming from Resal that their sky is orange, but the Nikelets help take away the light pollution.

Then there is Latrop. My favorite Form of magic, they can like teleport everywhere, if they are around when we have spaceships they will event Hyperspace.

The reason every war started was because of Latrop. They are like this: Is that a golden age happening at Htrae lest invade! So a kingdom that I won’t name yet got between Latrop and the other Nomah kingdoms. So they just sit there. Teleporting to other planets and stuff.

And the last Saoch Kingdom is Land of Lightning. They provide the western hemisphere with power, so they don’t participate in world wars anymore.
One of their power is to travel by lightning, literally. They become lightning, go into the sky and travel hundreds of miles an hour. They came close to finding the other civilizations on the eastern hemisphere but Harmonian stopped them.
Now into the Nomah side.

The first kingdom is The 5 air nations. If I was an Alentary I would be flying everywhere.
The Alentary invented airplanes that does not require an engine and it’s faster than airplanes with engines. It travels at 650 miles per hour.

Then there is the biggest kingdom in the western hemisphere. They are the most watery one yet. Retaw.
Now you know where the 90 percent of the world’s fresh water comes from. The deepest point is below the capital city of Retaw, Luras. Near the Island of Lasernest. The capital is right in the middle of the Fresh Sea. Retaw supplies eastern Sullonus with big amounts of fresh water. More on that later. Mt Loires is a part of Htrae

Then there is Htrae, this one is full of earth.
 The most powerful earth Alemantation ever created Mt. Lousias and Mt. Loires, which separates the Fresh Sea to the other oceans.

Then there Dilos.
You know the kingdom I mentioned earlier that got between Latrop and the other Nomah Kingdoms, this is it. Their telekinetic shield is the most powerful shields EVER! Totally indestructible. Which is what the Great Border of Lasernest is made of. That big red boarder you see is the Great Boarder of Lasernest. Lasernest was the most powerful Resalian ever, that he created the red boarder you see. Lasernest is his nickname, his real name is Tsenrial. Other people call the boarder, The Shoulder of the World. Because it’s mostly made of mountains and Dilosian Shield.

Then the last kingdom in the western hemisphere is Nikelet. Nikelet is a neutral Kingdom. 
Their shield is the second most powerful in the world. They literally discovered almost every land and placed them on the map you see up there.

Chapter 2:History

Let’s begin with the history of each nation in Lusia. I will tell you about Retaw. They are the big water nation that delivers water to eastern and western Lusia. The Retawnians considered themselves as the most powerful nation with the most powerful form of magic. Retawnians not only control water but anything that is liquid, like liquid methane and other liquids. You name any liquid and they control it, except lava.

I like how they created their cities on the Fresh Sea. Like they build cities on top of the water and nobody can attack this cities except other water Elementy, but who would attack their own people. There is an island on the fresh sea called the Island of Lasernest, but I won’t mention more of that now.

The Retawnians built the world most famous water slide. It’s about 500 feet high, which goes down 300 feet below the surface, then goes up again by magic. A lot of people from the Nomah kingdoms visit this water slide, even me when I transform into a Nomah. I probably knows what you’re thinking, But Chaoses, ice is water why can’t Retawnians control ice too. BECAUSE THEY CAN’T. The reason is ice is a solid not a liquid I mentioned before that water Elementy can only control liquids not solids. If a water Alemantation (ALLMANDAZION) decided to become evil and destroy the world he or she only needs to cover the world with water.

Now off to Htrae, their rocky. Earth Alemantation can move continents. It was an earth Alemantation the built the mountains Lousias and Loires. They can control ANY solid except ice.  They can build underground passages and cities. The biggest underground city is their capital, there is three sections to it. The Inner Wall, Middle Wall, and the Outer Wall. By the way, all of Nomah kingdoms believe in equality. By saying there is different sections doesn’t mean that the rich live the Inner Wall, and the poor in the Outer Wall. Everyone in Htrae is rich, because they control riches and they TRADE these riches with other kingdoms and become rich.

Vehicles are not a new thing to Htrae. They had horses pulling chariots and other stuff for so long before Nikelet invented wheels. They used round balls instead of wheels. They have trains that goes all over Htrae and into some part of Retaw.
Now to Resal. Their Alemantation is an interesting case of good and evil. The 1st and 14th Alemantation were good. Then the 23 Alemantation was evil then the next Resal Alemantation was good, and back and forth. Lasers, Lasers, Lasers. Their so full of light and destruction, but also so beautiful. Laser CAN penetrate a telekinetic shield but never a Dilos shield. Then it can penetrate anything it touches. Their powers are over powered. They can win gun fights with easy. Only the Saoch kingdoms have guns. The Nomah kingdoms forbid such things because it can cause so much harm. This rule is put down on wars. Because the Nomah cities will be defenseless if Latrop or Fira attacks, and we don’t want civilian blood on our hand do we. I do, because I’m Chaoses, and I like chaos.

On the way to Earth, The Resalian army decided to keep their presence secret and left the operation. The king of Latrop didn’t decline because their presence there wouldn’t make a difference. THAT WAS A TOTAL LIE. Without the Resalian the Latropian army was defeated by Dilos when they came out of the main portal outside the planet Earth.
Now the ENTIRE Saoch Army is preparing to invade Earth and make humans their slaves forever. Fine by me. I get to make another evil species that has a power so destructible that even the Alemantation will fall and I will control Sullonus.
Now to Nikelet. Nikelets were always mysterious beings, no one knows where they came from but me. Now I tell you so they won’t be so mysterious anymore. A group of rebels in Lightning were revolting and trying to break away and join Nomah Alliance. This happened in the Great (great because of so much chaos that happened in that time, SO FUN for me) Chaos War.

These people were captured and were to be executed. But you know some stupid guard slept on his post and let the prisoners escape, and escape they did. On their way to Resal, they came across a Scouting party and were to be captured and sent back to Lightning (LIE-NEE) for the execution. But you know mistakes happens and Harmonian gives the power of Telekinesis to every Sullonian Elementy. So the prisoners discovered theirs and escaped again. I know, this Saochian soldiers are LAME! Once the prisoners reached Resal they bargained with the Resalian Government. They would take away the light pollution for a place for the prisoners to call home. The Resalian Government agreed. The place they called home is Nikelet. Resalians didn’t want the light pollution anymore because they believed by looking at the sky, they were seeing their future through me… are they serious??? But it’s true.

Now to Dilos.  The Dilosian Shield is the most powerful shield in the Universe. It can block almost anything but one thing which I won’t mention or I will be demoted to a simple Elementy, NEVER. Their Capital is surrounded by a Dilos shield. It can never be broken. BUT it can be breached. If a Saoch Elementy decided to place bombs inside the Capital they would need to be a trucker delivering food to the Capital, but of course the security is HUGE so that’s unlikely….or is it?

 Now to Latrop. Did I mention before they are my favorite? They are just so over powered. They have 3 powers. The power of portal, the power of smoke. And the power of curses. The power of portal makes them teleport everywhere they want. The power of smoke makes them become a gas form for a short amount of time. The power of curses gives them the ability to inflict a terrible curse upon their victims. But a Latrop Elementy can control only one of these powers.

I mentioned before that Latropians always caused wars. It’s in the nature of their magic. I know what you’re thinking again. Why would Harmonian give the power of curses to the Latropians? Well he didn’t, I did. Portal is a form of travel not offense, I need my Kingdoms to be offensive so I gave them the power of curses.

And now Latropians transform people into slugs and worms and make them kill their friends. So much fun. Their history is war, and war and war. Nothing more (IT RHIMES?).

Now to Lightning (LIE-NEE). Lienians were always smart people. They invented electricity and gave it to other nations. By invented electricity I mean invented it into machines not humans. They were neutral in WW3, but after it The Firians changed their minds VERY quick in WW4.

I like Lightning, it’s just so Over Powered. How Lightning is over powered? Lienians can become lightning. Yep you heard me right, I said BECOME. They become lightning, go into the sky and blast you to pieces up there. But that power is very rare.
Before Sullonus was separated, Lightning was the most powerful kingdom in Sullonus. If you ever decided to battle them you would be annihilated. But of course everything changed when the Separation happened. They became weaker because humans were teleported away and they couldn’t control Elementy because they are strong minded.

Now to Fira. To have the power of telekinesis one must have peace of mind, a trait that Firians don’t have. Many have tried but since fire is destructive then so it’s the Elementy. There were some Elementy that achieved this and were unbeatable among other Fira Elementy.

I began with this because of a startling truth…. Fira lost a war to Nikelet. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? You shout angrily. I’ll tell you.
Once a group of Firian scouts destroyed a Nikelet village, then Fira wanted its light pollution gone. But Nikelet declined and Fira declared war against Nikelet and Fira lost. The power of telekinesis can drown flames in energy making it disappear. And the power of telekinesis can lift any object or element. It can lift water, and earth. So of course they levitated some water and threw it at them or distinguished the flames with energy. Before the Separation, Fira was the second most powerful Kingdom.

Now to 5 AIR Territories. Why is it 5 and not one? Because there are 5 different kind of AIR power. The power to fly, the power to run like the wind, the power of air (like sucking air out of things), the power of gas (just like Latropians but a little different), the power of Air pressure.

They figured out the other powers After the Separation. Since most of the boats were destroyed, and trading with Retaw was difficult they needed to figure out a way for faster travel. The power of fly was the first power to help trade and other stuff.
They also figured out their powers to defend themselves if the Saoch attack. Some of these 5 powers are successful some are not.


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