Damaged (Poem by Beckie Thomas)

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Submitted: June 23, 2012

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Submitted: June 23, 2012




I thought I knew you, 
and the person I thought you were, 
was the same person I didn’t trust, 
To me, 
Trust is nothing shy of a foreign word 
And as I’ve grown up, 
It has become one more thing that I’ve lost faith in. 
What are they all? 
Just a bunch of bullshit. 
Bullshit lies. 
Bullshit beliefs. 
You see, 
I’ve been broken, 
Leaving behind a body, 
A body deprived of a soul, 
Of a life. 
Every single tear, 
And every single fuck up. 
Every single person to break my trust, 
And every single time I was left in the dark, 
It’s why I gave up on myself. 
I mean, why try 
when you’re gonna fail? 
Why bother 
when it’s easier to not give a fuck? 
is what’s become of me. 
And there’s no one to blame, 
But myself 
 I said I didn’t trust you, 
Which is silly 
When you are the one who has every single reason 
to not trust me. 
And you don’t. 
I may not know much, 
But that, I know is true. 
I could say I was sorry, 
For meeting you, 
For annoying you, 
For caring too much. 
But come on, 
let’s be honest, 
“sorry” is just another word that’s lost its meaning, 
Another word that doesn’t matter. 

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