Those Words (Poem By Beckie Thomas)

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I still remember 
Those words I thought I’d never hear, 
To the sound of your voice 
The touch of your southern accent 
Makes words you say less clear, 
But I heard it, yes, 
I heard if with perfect clarity.  
I still remember, 
Hearing those words 
Muttered from your drunken lips, 
Although, your intoxication doesn’t make it any less sincere. 
They were only words your sober mouth was unable to articulate. 
Feelings your sober thoughts were forced to repress. 
Feelings you were too afraid to admit to, 
And I only made this fear of yours grow stronger. 
I still remember, 
The feeling your words brought me; 
The feeling as if I weren’t alone 
I still remember what you said. 
“I think I might love you,” you muttered with bitter discontent, 
For you didn’t want to feel this way, 
But you did, 
And I smiled, 
for I knew, you had taken those words 
right out of my filthy mouth. 

Submitted: June 23, 2012

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