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Bethanee- her world was simple-but shadow's she hold without knowledge- it changed everything off all with darkness for all

Submitted: October 25, 2010

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Submitted: October 25, 2010



Separation: Chapter 1

“God!! I am late again, it’s past 8:00 clock and Eve is already on the air port” Bethanee rushed out of her bed, freshened up, got herself into her travel clothes, her favourite dark blue denim jeans and a V neck T-shirt. She got into her car and rushed to the air port. On her way she seen Kate who itself was heading towards the air port, “Hey, Kate jump in “

“Beth we are late, as ever, Eve is gonna be mad at us..........I hope we do not miss the flight”

“Kate we aren’t missing the flight, for sure purchases some faith in can’t doubt my ability to drive a car”

“Beth no doubt’s, Gosh! I can hardly do that”

Driving the car recklessly we made it up to the air port. Eve angry, her face had turned red just like tomato “did you both planed to miss the flight today, Beth dear you need this, this is what your parents dreamt for in your life, that’s their last wish and mine too and Kate do take good care of yourself and Beth’s too”

I always disliked tears in Eve eyes since she was the only one person who took good care of me after my parents accidental death and I hate leaving her but............................

“Eve I am gonna miss you so much” I hugged her feeling her warmth, no I don’t want to go, I don’t want to miss this feel after losing my mom and dad.

“dear you need to board the flight, you can’t stay back.........I love you Beth I love you, we can text, mail each other we’ll be in constant contact I PROMISE”

“Eve bye” I kissed her on her cheek “I love you too, and would miss you”

I had a flight to New York, my new high school though I have been scholarshiped It’ still unwelcomed I don’t know how it would be there but having a strong feeling is would be new and different for sure.......


“Umm” I turned to look at Kate.

“I am happy, nervous, excited, I do not know what I am speaking I am babbling”

“Chill.... we are there for each other, aren’t we?”

“Ya, we are “

“ I am Happy we are there for each other to face whatever comes in future”


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