Going to Grandma's: A Tragedy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The itching feeling you get alone at night shouldn't be ignored.

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017







Cali Zinga

Period 2B


Going to Grandma’s: A Tragedy


The night had finally settled over the sky, cloaking the road in a blanket of darkness. The fields to the left and the forest to the right were too thick to see through. The headlights on Natasha’s car only illuminated the dirt road in front of her. A sinking feeling settled in the pit of her stomach.


Natasha, despite her opposition, had agreed to travel to her grandparent’s farmhouse for Thanksgiving. While she loved her family, travelling so deep into the country was always nerve racking. Each road looked the same, each forest had the same creepy trees, and each corn field was exactly the same shade of yellow. For miles and miles, the monotonous yellow blur of corn was all you would see out your car window.

To distract herself from the creeping darkness, Natasha turned on the radio. Down here, the newest music they played was from the 1950’s. She groaned as the tinny sound of banjo strings crackled through her radio’s bad signal. The music just played pathetically, filling the old car with noise. It was better than being alone and silent for hours and hours.

Only a few minutes went by, and Natasha began feeling hungry. In the backseat she had stashed some poorly made snickerdoodles she had made to eat. That was one thing that made her trip worthwhile- her grandma made great desserts, much better than anything she could bake herself.

She slowed to a stop in the shoulder of the bumpy street. As she turned she noticed a large blanket bundled in the rear of the car. Furrowing her brows, Natasha wondered when she packed that with her. It must have been her friend’s or something. She grabbed her cookies and began driving again, and munched on the too-sweet treat.

Natasha couldn’t help but to think deeply about the black blanket. It was...impossible that anything could’ve ended up in her car without her knowledge. Someone had to have snuck in. Who would want to have snuck that in? She chuckled to herself to distract herself from the haunting atmosphere.

Her nerves made her more aware. She began to notice the slight breeze from the outside. She noticed the rear window was cracked open, and her blood ran cold.

fripped the car key in her hand tightly, feeling the metal scratch against the skin of her violently shaking hands. Never once recently had she opened her windows. That was not a mishap of memory.

Pulling over again, Natasha pretended to eat another cookie, feigning imperviousness. She turned, ready to stab someone in the eye if she needed to, heart racing in her chest, barely able to hear anything over her rushing blood-

Then she felt in, the cold steel of a gun pressed firmly against her temple. She followed her eyes from the gun to the man holding it. His eyes were filled with rage and insanity and he was red in the face from hiding beneath the blanket.

Crippling fear overtook her and screams racked her body. The anxiety made her heart beat so hard that her chest ached. Everything a nothing filled her mind at once. What she felt was incomprehensible. It was hopelessness, disbelief. Most of all, it was confusion. None of it made sense, and she thought that nothing would ever make sense again if she ever survived. I guess, in that moment, she was feeling what it was like to be in the face of death.

She knew that the barrell pressed it her head was going to be the last sensation she’d ever feel. Even as she accepted it, she couldn’t stop screaming and crying for her life. She just wanted to buy some time. Every breath felt like the most valuable thing in the world.

“Shut your mouth or I will shoot you,” the man threatened, his menacing, crazy eyes piercing into her. She ceased her screaming, not wanting to risk the complications, but her pained whimpers filtered through. Quiet tears dribbled down her face.

“You are so annoying, you know that?” He taunted. He took a bite of the snickerdoodle. “And these suck, too.”

Why are you doing this to me?” Natasha asked with futile curiosity. He smirked in response.

“Well, maybe if your cookies were better….”

Her begging stopped abruptly, for her had pulled the trigger, and bullet passed through her, right in the head. He would’ve done it quicker, but it was just so entertaining to watch them cry for their lives.

Blood was splattered all over the window and steering wheel. It cast a dark red veil over the scene. The moon twinkled above, the only witness to the crime. She was unrecognizable.

The man spit out the cookie, crawling out of the car. He poured gasoline all over the vehicle and lit up his lighter, throwing it on the car. He watched the flames and ignite into clouds of fire.

Smoke billowed into the dark sky and he watched with a smirk on his face, knowing certainly that no one would ever find the girl again in a place as isolated at this.

No one would ever hear of her again.






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