The Traveler I : The Package

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Martyn is a lone traveler delivering a package with unknown contents. The farther he continues on with his journey, the more he regrets his decision.

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



As I accepted the almost too good to be true offer, a jumble of crazy thoughts entered my head. Why on earth was the pay for such a small package so high? Why was the old man so excited when I accepted this gracious offer? I did not know what to think of anything but to get this package to its destination. I wielded my steed and equipped my rifle and fur cloak, ready for my journey. The road ahead seemed to be swallowed up by the darkness beyond. I gulped and coaxed my horse along. She whinnyed. I shushed her and pat the top of her gorgeous head. I jumped at the slightest noise as I hurried my horse through the forest beyond.

Diary Entry #7

I've been traveling a while. Everything has seemed to change. Strange, since I came in this way... I am unsure what to think about all of this. I just want my sum of money and to get home.

 I finished up my diary entry and put my focus on the cobblestone path. I approached upon a small village. Had this been here before? It couldn't have been! But it must've! I slowly came up to the village square. Just then, I saw a shadow move in the darkness. I tried to speak but nothing came out. The shadow came out of the darkness quick! Quick as a flash, the shadow flew by and my horse dropped from under me. My once gorgeous horse is now bleeding on the trail. I got up and pulled up my rifle. There was now silence. I picked up the package and backed up the trail. Once more the shadow attacked. It came at me. It was a man! I raised my rifle and shot. BANG! The man fell and blood stained his  clothing and the path. I wondered what had caused this. The package? The fact of me being a possible threat? I went up to the closest cabin and knocked on the door. I waited. Then I knocked once more. I waited. No answer. I made my decision and tried the handle. It was open! I looked inside. My eyes widened and I felt the bile rise in my throat. There were skinned human bodies hanging by their feet. I ran, and ran, and ran far away from that horrible place with my package and gun. I stopped by an oak to rest. I slid down the side of the tree and held onto the package tightly. I stared at that package for hours. I slowly untied the twine which the parcel was wrapped with. I opened my mouth to scream but I could not. In the box was my head.

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The Traveler I : The Package

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