Little wings

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Through the dark field,

and the bending rays,

the black stallion prances.

Clouds of grey in the blue sky,

petals of white flicking up with the hooves,

the black stallion prances.

The melting sun,

the cooling air,

snorts of air escape,

as the black stallion prances.

Yet, please run, black stallion,

for the men wish to capture thee,

and your beautifull prancing.

Do not let them tarnish your coat,

dim your glistening eyes,

and cease your elegant prancing.

Run, black stallion, run.

Hide in the shadows,

and wait for the men to leave.

For when they do,

you may come back out into the field,

and prance, black stallion, prance.

Submitted: September 25, 2011

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Submitted: September 25, 2011



I read about horses yesterday in a book my mom brought home for me... I found it interesting :3 But the thing I loved most were the black horses. Ive never seen a horse for real... and I would simple die to see one. They seem like such beautiful things...

Sooo, I decided to do a poem. Im not dead, I swear D: I've just been busy.... my main reasons are:

- School

- Homework

- Family issues

- Bullying.....


ANYWAY. Thank you to those who took the time to stop and read this. I dont think my poem makes much of a sense... ( excuse my English. ) ... but atleast I got something down :D Thank you anything for reading, ja!

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