I Survived Another Day

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i survived another day

Submitted: July 18, 2011

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Submitted: July 18, 2011



Why can't this end...why do I have to regret every little fucking thing I do. I'm just looking to be happy to send a day with someone but I always regret it.... its never a good idea I'm just annoying them I'm just a bother dragging them everywhere I wanna go.... mother was right I'm just a selfish little slut that likes whoring around... so why try? Why even live? These constant thoughts driving me to the point of insanity... this never ending sadness when will it all just go away... I was so happy... so happy today..... then I thought of letting u go back home so I could go kill myself. Why does it end up like this everytime... everytime I'm happy thoughts of how I should die come up.... thoughts of how should I do it... do u know what its like to have so many happy moments destroyed because you can't fucking be happy for some reason... why do I sit here crying when I should be so happy to be near u... because I know u will leave... then ill be all alone.... just like always and forever... don't look at me don't look at me... I don't deserve... monsters like me should be alone... all alone... so cold...so dark... all alone.. the pains Come back... why must they come back... why... please tell me why.... someone please lock me up take me away from everything... I'm looking for the day when I can escape and never look back.... the day when I can be free... it ill regret it... and ill be all alone...

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