Sitting... Waiting... and Drowning...

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im just sitting here waiting for something but im starting to drown

Submitted: July 18, 2011

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Submitted: July 18, 2011



When will the day come when I can smile and finally be happy, when will the say Come when I can finally be fully myself and know who I am. I do so many stupid things, so many things I regret when will I stop regretting every chess play I do, when can I stop saying sorry when I don't mean it.... when will all the fighting end... I'm just looking for true happiness someone to end all these pains I may have found u then again maybe how will I be certain when I make so many mistakes..... they haunt me and twist me and hurt.... they kill me slowly and let me feel the embarrassment the humility the shame.... what do I do when I want to do the right but I can't bare it completel? What do I do? I have no where else to turn yet another mistake was made.... please tell me what to do.... no path is easy no l
Path is right I know.... but tell me... what should I do?

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