Acting Up: Ways you can become an actor.

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Ways you can become an actor.

Submitted: April 30, 2012

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Submitted: April 30, 2012



Acting Up

Everyone has dreams. For some their dreams are more practical, for others it's  a one in a million shot. I have a dream of becoming an actress. My dad once told me, " It's not about how talented you are, it's about being at the right place, at the right time," what he said was very right. Acting is not a job for everyone,  but with passion, there is a possibility.

If  you wish to become an actor, there is a wide variety of jobs you can choose from. Jobs such as, entertaining at night clubs, acting on cruise ships, resorts, and theme parks. If you are stage shy, there are jobs like, television actor, radio show host,  or audio book narrator. The average  annual wage for an actor in New York  is $56,056. In New York the average hourly wage is $53.13.  New York City, New York is very stable in the acting business,  employment  is 5,820, and  the growth rate is 2 percent (

Like every other job, grade school is the first step. With the core classes; such as math,  history, and english;  arts classes are a must.  Ballet, tap, or jazz dance will help you strengthen your ability to do the show's choreography. Chorus, or voice class will help you get better at many things such as; reading music, singing  different styles of music,  and breath control. Drama, or theatre arts class is a crucial class to take. In this class, you may learn theatre history,  theatre vocabulary, and memorize many lines. After you graduate from high school, you might go straight into the work field, which is fine; but many people choose to go to college. California provides many film acting schools.  If you wish to go to be a Broadway actor,  you may consider a school in New York, luckily there are many schools to choose from.  

While you are in school, getting involved in your community would be a good idea.Summer camps, local community plays, and  acting agencies, are good ways to get your name out there.  To have a good reputation will make you or break you. Always be kind to everyone, the person who greets you today, may be the director tomorrow.  Be sure to meet a lot of people and make a good  first impression, they could know someone who is  well known in the acting world, also known as connections. Work your hardest even during rehearsals, because that shows producers, and directors that you are passionate, which may help you in the future.

It might be best that a new actor does not start a family, the reason for this is acting is a very time consuming career. Most of your day, as well as money, will be spent on school, training, rehearsals, and performances. By the time you get home, you won't have time to spend with little children, you will be running lines, and choreography.  Most actors have to take up a second job such as waiting, or being a store clerk, to pay for bills. Becoming a well known actor can take years of hard work and dedication. If you get there, personal freedom will not be a problem any longer.

If you are passionate about acting the negative things won't bother you. You will be focused on telling a story, portraying a new character, and entertaining. That rush you get when you step on stage and the lights blind your eyes is priceless.  Acting is your dream, with a little bit of hard work, and dedication, it is possible.







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