Alice In Wonderland.

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Short skit about Alice In Wonderland.

Submitted: May 03, 2012

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Submitted: May 03, 2012





Prologue* CHORUS:


Parados* CHORUS: Once in a dream this far away land came to life for this little girl called Alice. Now that little girl has grown into a smart young lady, but that dream has not left her whimsical mind, that dream will take her to Wonderland.

Alice [skips though the woods and spots a tree]

ALICE: [yawn] It has been a very long day. I think I will take a short nap, right under this lovely tree.

RABBIT:[hops along and is startled by something under his tree] Whats that under my tree? Oh my, it's a girl! What shall I do!? What Shall I do!?

RABBIT:[Jumps over Alice and makes a big stomp and scares Alice then hops away]

ALICE: Ah! What was that? [sees the rabbit and starts to follow him]

 Choral Ode 1* CHORUS: Meanwhile back in Wonderland the King Of Hearts is becoming Furious with The Rabbit. You see The Rabbit was sent out to find this girl called Alice who is said to be the savior of Wonderland.

KING OF HEARTS: Ahh! Where is that Dimwit Rabbit!? He was supposed to bring me my new slave!

On the other side of the stage

RABBIT: [muttering while walking] Have I found the one, after all these years? Could she be our savior?  Certainly not she is just a girl! What should I do? [glances at his watch and jumps high] Oh no, I am going to be late! The king will be mad, I better hurry! [speeds his pace]

ALICE: [still following] Speak louder! Where are you taking me? Hey! Slow down!

RABBIT: [jumping around] I don't recall telling you to follow me. Therefore I am not taking you anywhere.

ALICE: You did'nt say I could'nt follow you either.

RABBIT: If you wish to follow you better hurry if you like your head fully attached to your body.

[approaches Wonderland]

[Alice slows down to a stop and smiles]

ALICE: This is just like my dream Mr Rabbit!

RABBIT: Welcome to Wonderland! Now, I have got to take you to The King of Hearts. Lets hurry.

CHORUS: The Rabbit took Alice to the king as he was told. And poor Alice was sent to the dungeon, so there was no way she could save Wonderland, and overthrow The King Of Hearts, but that is how Alice met the Mad Hatter.

MAD HATTER: You are Alice!

ALICE: Yes, How did you know that?

MAD HATTER: Everyone knows in Wonderland! You are our savior.

Alice: Me? No I am only a girl.


MAD HATTER: How rude of me! I am The Mad Hatter, I am the best Hatter in Wonderland. It is very nice to meet you!

ALICE: Same to you Sir. Now, Why are you in here?

MAD HATTER: No time for that. Will you help me escape out of this dungeon?

ALICE: Yes![grabs a key in her pocket and unlocks the lock] [looks at the key] Lucky I guess. Now you are free Mr.Mad Hatter.

MAD HATTER: Thank you! Thank you! [runs out]

ALICE: [Stands there] Wait! Wait! Will you help me?

MAD HATTER: [stops and turns around] Anything for you Savior.

ALICE: How do I save Wonderland?

MAD HATTER: [shouts and laughs] Kill the King! [Runs off laughing]

ALICE: [turns around] Kill the King? How could I do that, I am just a girl... but these people, they are my friends I have to save them. [Turns back around and finds the castle right in front of her] Wait? How did that get there! The Castle, I don't remember it being there before. Maybe this is my chance to kill the king.

ALICE:[goes inside of the castle and finds the king]

KING OF HEARTS: You! You escaped my dungeon! You will pay the price! RABBIT! GET HER! [turns his back to Alice]

ALICE: [panics and rummages through her pockets and finds a sword at her side] "FOR YOU WONDERLAND" [stabs the king in his back]

ALL: [runs up to Alice and hugs her] [exit the stage cheering]





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