Science Proposal: Saving the Penguins

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Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012





Large commercial ships are killing penguins by running over their habitats when the ship lands. Therefore, we have to secure the penguins away from ship ports. We could take action in this issue by designing new docking areas away from penguin habitats.





There are four types of endangered penguins. The Rock Hopper penguins can be found on the islands north of Antarctica, Chile, and New Zealand, The Galapagos Penguins can be found on the Galapagos Island, the Yellow Eyed Penguin are also found in New Zealand, as well as the Erect Crested Penguin.

One of the reasons we have so many penguins being killed  are ships. When ships arrive on  land,they crush the surrounding land. Due to ships around, some penguin habitats are being destroyed, killing the already endangered penguins where  those ships are docking. Taking penguins with it.



The White Flippered Penguin lives in the caves of Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, New Zealand. In 2006 there were 521,832 humans living in the peninsula as well. The penguin is only 16.1 inches and 3 pounds, The White Flippered Penguin is one of the world's smallest penguin species.  Currently endangered, these penguins get trapped in nets while swimming, and oils spills kill the fish and ruin the penguins waterproof coat.


My research will focus on designing a safe harbor for ships to dock, safely away from the White Fippered Penguin habitats, thus protecting these already endangered penguin.




Different species of penguins are becoming extinct across the globe, due to oil spills, commercial boat docking, and fishing nets. To reduce the extinction of penguins, we need to secure the penguins away from large ships. We will design a new route and docking port for ships away from the penguin habitats.




Literature Overview:

"Virtually all students of the extinction process agree that biological diversity is in the midst of its sixth great crisis, this time precipitated entirely by Man."

                  -- E.O. Wilson
                     Harvard University


South East Asia is dependent on shipping. Most ships pass through the Strait of Malacca every year. Collision and oil spills are often the result of passing through.

They designed the Pipeline Project, where the Thai government designed a new route for oil ships  to cut down on high traffic in the Strait of Malacca, but this project will not be flawless. Problems such as investment most likely occur.  As a result in this change oil spills near Singapore have dropped. In recent years over 10,000 animals become extinct each year. The biggest cause of anima extinction is human destruction among their habitats. Public opinion poll of 1993, 89% of the public agrees that humans have an ethical responsibility for protecting animals, plants, and their habitats.



This project will consist of new docking ports in Christchurch, and possibly moving factories that are tied with the ships. New route maps will be created and sent out to all fishing and commercial ship companies in the area. New signs will be created to post around Banks Peninsula, stating that this is a no fishing zoneto protect the penguin’s habitat. Since Christchurch is more populated new rules and regulations will be made to keep people safe, boats safe, and regulate the fish population in Christchurch.




The populations in Banks Peninsula is 521,832 (2006) if we move the docking location to Christchurch where the population is 359,900 (2006)  the  sale rate will increase. Since penguin's are do not have a habitat in Christchurch, they will be safe from ships.  Christchurch is 59.8 km from Banks Peninsula.


conclusions/reasons for research


In doing this project, we will see how much ships really effect the white flippered  penguins. When these ships in the New Zealand area do not dock near the penguin habitats, several things will positively change for the penguins. More food will be available, because of less fishing. Fishers' take the penguin's food my capturing large amounts of fish, which starves them. When ships lose their oil, it kills the fish that penguins eat as well as ruin the water proof feather coat. Penguins refuse to eat already dead fish, so La Nina is not in their favor as well. Their habitats will be safe for them, no ship will run over them or their homes. When the penguin's habitat is safe penguins will breed more which will result in a higher white flipper penguin population and will eventually rid extinction.





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