Why Humans Should Study History

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An Essay stating facts and opinions on the question's "Why should we study history?"

Submitted: April 13, 2012

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Submitted: April 13, 2012



Why should we study history?


We should study history for several reasons. The first reason is because we will learn from the mistakes people made in the past and try not to repeat them. The second reason is so we will understand how civilizations got to where they are today. The third reason is to learn about what causes conflicts and wars so we can help identify when they may be occurring.

We should study history is so we do not make the same mistakes we did in the past. Things would not reoccur in the future if we knew what happened in history we would know how to prevent things from happening again. We would see signs that happened in the past and we will know how to keep more things from happening. More wars have and will be prevented because of history, inventions will be improved, and sicknesses will be cured because we know what happens if you do a certain thing.

The next reason is so we will know how civilizations got to where they are today. If we didn’t have history we would not know what works best for civilizations.  History helps us learn how laws were created, if we did not have laws the world would be chaos. Laws are sometimes based on religion. Religions are also very important in history. Religion is what a human believes how they got here, why they are here, and where they are going. Everyone has a religion whether you admit it or not, every civilization has one or many dominate religion like America’s dominate religion is Christianity.

The last reason is to learn about the causes of war. Most of history learned in school is history about war and it is very important, it teaches us about war and what causes it, how it happened, and how to end it. If we did not know about has happened in the past, we may not be able to keep it from happening in the future. History helps us learn about what skills and tricks works best on the battle field and how to win wars. History helps improve firearms and machines used in battle. Learning history is important because we will see the signs of war starting and we will know how to keep the war from happening.

I think history is important to learn because of the above three reasons. We need to learn about what has happened in the past so we can keep the bad historic events from occurring in the future. Learning history is greatly encouraged.






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