My Lovely Butterfly

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Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013




She was the caterpillar moving along in my backyard. Her innocence and determination captivated me, but never seem much would happen here. For some reason She happen to be in my back yard, I would come out every day to watch her try to travel the world, only be to trapped behind my fence. I was holding her back, I’ve always known she deserved better than this type of life, yet she kept moving along. After a few months, the innocent creature will get into her cocoon; she will be isolated from me. I was not worried, I was too confident she will always be here till the day it dies. I of course missed that caterpillar, but nothing I could do but keep my life moving alone.
When that caterpillar came back from her isolation and finally had an opportunity to see her, I was struck by her beauty. This marvelous creature looks like it had changed, but still the same person it has always been. I was star strucked, I wanted nothing more in the world for this beautiful creature to stay, but sadly enough for me, I would see her jump to the sky, spread her wide beautiful purple wings and fly away towards the bright blue sky. How could I let such a sweet innocent creature fly away from me? Why would I be such a fool believing she couldn’t do any better? How could I let her get away from me? I’m being selfish, that butterfly deserves nothing but the best and prosperous life out there in the world, Why should I hold her back? She needs to extend her wings to the sky and show the rest of the world of her talents and pure beauty. Even though she will never return to my lonesome backyard, I cry every night wishing that she would somehow find her way back here. She will find a better, prosperous life out in the beautiful world, than be trapped in such a small damp wilderness that is my backyard. She will fly out to the world, find a nice full garden and will live life to the fullest and be happier than she has ever been before. I weep every waking morning, and every sleepless night, but wish nothing but her happiness.
She may have forgotten about me with ease, but I will never forget that beautiful creature, and will never stop loving her till the day I die.

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