Sparkle in her eyes

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Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



She was the sparkle in my eyes and in my life. Her beauty was unbearable, hey eyes shined brighter than the North Star, Only if I would have followed them to find my way back to her. How could such a vicious ax of my behavior be the downfall of something so great. How can one be so blind to not see such a tragedy set to unfold, why could I have not caught the obvious signs. She was the reason I arose every sleepless night, crying myself to sleep, trying to escape the image of such a beautiful face I will never have. Her brown eyes stair me down, as i picture a future without me holding her, kissing her soft lips, and just be close with this saint of a girl. I would climb the highest mountain, slay the mightiest beast, only to be able to look her into her eyes without shame and say "I love you". Three words I feel so strongly towards her, but what can one do if the significant other won't return such feelings. Time to give up, let go, forgive, but never be forgiven. I try and try to give, but the hold I'm in will never be released. Only death will stop me in this quest.

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