Old Mountain Song

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Love rediscovered, only to be lost once more.

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



I heard an old mountain song today

and the words have planted themselves

firmly in my mind.

A refreshing whisper that runs

on the cold winds of mid October

for me to find.


It's teaching echoed off the mountain side

Made the snow on top tremble

and I could tell it was for me.

A voice I had not heard for a year

now shares confessions in my ear

tells me what shall be.


With enlightened mind and soul

and every grasp of rock I take

I catch the voice 

in a small vial that I keep close to my heart.

Worn around the neck with string

but when it opens, no noise.


The October wind passes

but I still have that message kept close

warmed by the blood in my chest.

As I push the vial around the table

like a child with his new plaything

I think of all the rest.


Perhaps this voice beside my lungs

that borrows my breath and wishes to scream

is no longer mine to keep?

What, then, does a man have to do

in order to keep his honour?

His sanity? His undisturbed sleep?


A crack in the glass vial

draws the attention of my eye

and the attention of my ear.

The voice is now seeping out

it's echo banging the drums once more

and yet I feel no fear.


No time for tears or sadness

Or happiness or joy or even anger.

I feel nothing.

Empty and emotionless, eyes as steel

Heart of granite, skin as ash.

There's always something.


I heard an old mountain song but two days ago

I heard it skip from tree to tree

I knew it was the very same.

The voice I knew and cherished so

Was singing once again for one to hear.

Yet what I heard, was not my name.


That voice now lives in another soul

Stealing the life or flourishing red

I will never know.

I will just wait and watch with uninterested eye

to catch a new voice not heard before along 

the January wind that blows.

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Old Mountain Song

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