Feeling Lost?

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Are you lost? Trying to search for something, but can't figure out where to go?

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



Do you feel lost right now? I am not talking about physically lost, I am talking about emotionally, mentally or spiritually lost. We all get lost at some point and experience those times where we feel abandoned, forgotten, lonely, sad, confused etc. During a bunch of those times, you probably feel that way cause something ended up costing us a lot; like friends, relationships, your marriage, could even be money even some cases of a decision someone made.

Most of the problems in life start with relationships we have with others. They mainly start because of someone's decision or opinion on something and someone disagrees with what they said or did. But a large part of the time where problems really start, is ME and YOU! Now your probably thinking, "How can it be me? I haven't done anything wrong...its the other persons fault!" In a sense, you are probably right and that the other person is doing something wrong. (But, we don't need to worry about other people's lives and what they need to change, we need to focus on us and keep growing!) In a situation where you didn't like what someone did or disagreed with, how did you respond? What were your thoughts about the person? What did you want to accomplish? You probably yelled or used a voice that wasn't polite, you probably thought the person was crazy, insane or dumb and you probably wanted to get something out of it; maybe look good to others, get attention or you were focused on yourself! Right?

So how should we handle it in a situation where we totatlly disagree or think someone is doing something bad? One of the best ways is to really try to understand the person! You are probably thinking, "How does that work?" Just bare with me and you will see why! Ask yourself questions like, "Why are they acting like that?" "What are they trying to get out of it?" "How do they feel about it?" Now you might not know the answer to all of those questions, but if you really truly try to feel and understand what the other person feels and not care about what you feel and see them the way God sees them, your response should be much better and the whole situation will turn out far better than you thought!

Now maybe your experiencing sadness, loneliness, feeling left out or something else. We all experience it at some time. Whatever you are going through and however you are feeling, we need to make sure our feelings don't control us and how we respond or treat other. Lots of times, when anyone feels angry or mad, we tend to take it out on everyone! Whenever you come upon something that makes you want to treat someone poorly, try these L.O.S.T Steps:

Look- Start by looking at yourself and asking yourself questions to try to understand the person or how you feel

Objective- Ask yourself and observe what you think the other person and yourself is trying to accomplish

Scan- Make sure your observation of the sitation and the outcoming of your approach is loving, caring and kind

Try- Once you have come up with what a basic concept, take action and try to really love that person!

Next time you feel lost, remember the L.O.S.T Steps!

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