God Using Me

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It's so cool what can happen if your listening for God and being aware of where He wants you! This is a time God used me! :)

Submitted: March 09, 2012

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Submitted: March 09, 2012



I just wanted to share a time that God used me in a pretty cool way! 

On Friday August 26th, 2011 I went to clean at a building that I clean at once a week(It's also a Thrift Store and is not open on Friday's) As I am pulling up to the side door, I see another car pull up to the main entrance for the Thrift Store. So I am at the end of the hall and start to clean and half way down the hall is where the Thrift Store starts and I see this lady and I say, "Is there something you need?" She says, "Is the store open?" I say, "Sorry, no its not today." She says, "Oh, sorry about that." I say, "That's alright, have a nice day!"  
So the lady leaves and I go back to cleaning(When you leave the store, you go through 2 doors and I thought I heard both close) About 2 minutes later, after I started cleaning again, I hear God say to me, "Stop cleaning right now and go to the main entrance doors!" So I stop cleaning and start walking to the main and door  and I am wondering to myself, "Why would God would want me to go to the main entrance?" So once I get there, right between the 2 sets of doors, this lady had a fall and couldn't get back up! So I helped her up and made sure she was alright and asked if she needed anything and helped her walk part of the way to her car.
It sure was pretty cool what happened, cause if I hadn't been listening for God, she probably would've been there for 30 minutes or so before I would've needed to go down that way. Plus another cool thing is that I was going to clean the next day cause I had already had work that day and worked 9 hours, but I felt God speak to me earlier that day saying that I should clean that day! It sure is pretty cool how God can use you if you are listening for Him and being aware! :D
I encourage you to be listening for God and be where He would like you to be at all times! I am trying to listen for God in everything I do, but it sure is hard, but trust me, if you do, life will be much better! :) Even if you don't understand why, just like I did when God told me to stop cleaning and go to the main entrance. When you chose to follow God, there are wonderful payoffs and rewards in return! 

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