In God's Eyes

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We need to see things the way God sees them and make sure we are doing things that are right in God's eyes

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



In God's eyes, you are very valuable

On you, God has put a "loved" label

With God, you are very stable

And you can do anything cause God is able


No matter the problem or events

Or the history of your dents

God can use you with your gifts and talents

Even if its something like putting up tents! 


In life, God is that secret key

He will unlock you and set you free

When we follow God, He will help us see

And there really is no better place to be


We need to see others in God's eyes

By seeing each other as a precious prize

Also, that our actions and words are loving and wise

And not full of pride, anger or lies


Be careful for what you do or it will become a mess

God forgives us if we repent and confess

If we see someone doing wrong, dont make a fuss

Instead, we need to love and bless


We need to make sure our eyes are fixed on Him

That our light is bright and not on dim

And that His love is flowing over the brim

Where we are drenched and can take a swim!! 


See yourself the way God sees you

You are loved, important,wonderful and more. It is true! 

It doesn't matter how much or how little you do

If God is with you, anything you can get through


Each of us have made a big stain

So Jesus died and went through lots of pain

So that we could be let off the chain

Who else would do that and what did He gain?













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