Names Of God

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God is so amazing and wonderful and has many names. I'm using some of the names He is called in this poem

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



You, God, are the Bread Of Life

We are Your sheep and You're the Shepherd

We can call You the Prince of Peace

You are The Way, The Truth and The Life

And we learn that in The Word


You reign the earth cause You're The King Of Kings

The Everlasting Father

Also The Lord of Lords

The Heir of all the things

And the one and only Master


We are the branches and You are The Vine

When we are thirsty You are The Living Water

You are The Light Of The World

And the Bright and Morning Star to shine

Don't know how to live? We can ask You as our Teacher


You send Your Only Begotten Son

To be our Savior

And be a faithful Servant

We worship You as the Holy and Almighty One

You are the Maker and Creator


You teach us as a Wonderful Conselor

You set us free from sin; You're the Redeemer

Who is called Immanuel 

You support us is times of need; The Anchor

And are there as the ultimate Comforter


You are I Am

The reigning Messiah

Also a messenger from God like a Prophet

You're the Son Of The Lamb

Our Alpha and Omega



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