Words Are Powerful

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Words are more powerful than we think they are! How are you using your words?

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



When we speak words

They are very powerful

It can either build or destroy

Or we can use them to push or pull


We can use our words to build others up

By complimenting or encouraging

They appreciate it more than you realize

Even if its something simple as praying


When you use words to destroy

Why do you use them to tear others down?

Are you trying to get joy out of it some how?

When really, we are trying to make the other person drown


You can also use word to push others

By helping them get ahead and reach the top

And help them fulfil their goals and dreams

Plus being their to support them so they don't drop


We also use words to pull people back

It's like we don't care about others one bit!

And we try to feel and look better than they do

But we must admit that we do, and I do it


In gerneral, we need to love others

And make sure that everything you speak of

Is not for us to feel better or get attention

But because God wants us to love

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