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In the world that Lania dwells in, there are the Deadly Lands, the Banished Lands, and the Never-After. Lania, living in the Never-After, sets out to find her twin sister Maza, who has been missing since age six, with her best friend Daniel. Having only a month left to live before the Dark One would come back to kill her, she leaves to try to find the King of the Banished Lands to request help. Along the way, she finds herself helplessly in love with her best friend. In this addicting, thrilling Romantic-Fantasy saga, you will find yourself tongue-tied and waiting for more.

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012





It was one month after I turned six, and Daniel seven. My twin sister Maza, Daniel and I were playing hide and go seek after lunch. Maza was counting to one hundred while me and Daniel scurried up the branches of the Never-After tree. My white-blonde hair blending in with the leaves and Daniel's black hair with the dark branches.

We were waiting there, holding back our giggles as she said, \"Come out, come out where ever you are.\"

That's when we saw him. He was inhumanly beautiful and looked no more than eighteen. But there were stories about him. The type that left you scared to be by yourself at all. In these stories, he hunted and killed his prey. He worked for the king of the Deadly Lands. He was known as 'The Dark One'.

Maza, to scared to run, backed up slowly against the tree. Daniel covered my mouth, to prevent me from screaming, as tears flew silently down his chubby seven-year-old cheeks.

The Dark One raised his knife and cut off a few strands of Maza's white-blonde hair and put it in a crimson pouch. Then he raised his robe, and she disappeared. As he turned to leave he said, \"Come out, come out where ever you are. Lania, I know you're here somewhere and I would like to warn you. Ten years from now a month after your sixteenth birthday I will come back for you. My work here isn't finished. You won't escape me.\"

Like Maza, he too, disappeared.

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