Dont blame me

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Ummm one way or the other we re all addicted to sumtin,jst like me,so its really nt their fault,so dnt blame them,k...thats y i wrote it and enjoy

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013



Most times its the last thing i want to do, and i still do it though i try not to.

Am i ever gonna be free,i wonder,Free from this evil,from this course to yonder.

I smile at times,when all i want to do is cry and die. I dont understand my life any more,dont know how i led myself into this detestable door.

But i guess i know dont i,cos everytime i didnt sigh,everytime i didnt say no,everytime i did as i was told.

I was only brewing disaster,as i obeyed the flesh master.

He pushed me to do things against my will,dont say im mad nor say im ill.

Cos it wasnt my fault but it was his,and the fact that you dont know him,dont doubt this.

It could be you,it could be anybody,it could be anyone that did not call on somebody,when their soul began leaving their body.

So if you still have the chance i beg of you,dont do what he says you to. Just so you know my friend,its easier to start than end.......

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