Thats my son!!!

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I wrote dis poem after i watched a movie,im 14,movies hv long lasting effects on me,dis 1 is 4 da people of nottingham dah suffered in da hands of da cruel sherrif

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Submitted: April 11, 2013



You might not see it from were u stand,but if you leaned close you'd see a baby's hand.not on his body with him but far away in a place you could call dim.Things werent always like this,they once had a life they once dreamed of peace.But then the sherrif came,just at the exact moment the king did same.They took over the town,made people do nothing but frown.Yet they could smile,even in their wickedness i wonder why they didnt die.who knows what lay in store for them,their cruelty mayb was their death.hood tried we could say,but he couldnt save all in a day.And though the king has returned to england,one think i know would haunt me till i get to the grave made of sand,is a mothers bloodcurding scream saying\"thats my son!!\",though many have forgotten that sound,i can not cos i am to it bound,FOR ENGLAND

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