The elemination

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This short story is about a girl who finds out why humans are disappearing and what she can do to stop it. This is only the first part of a bigger project I am working on. I hope you enjoy

Submitted: August 29, 2017

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Submitted: August 29, 2017



The flat plexiglass television is on at full volume, the images jump out at you as if you’re truly experiencing it in person. I try to study and listen to the news reported that speaks like a broken robot. But, something catches my ears. A new story that has everyone in chaos from the moment we heard about it:
“This just in! Officials talk about the elimination of the human race. Totalitarian government officials say they want a perfect society. Sources say it will start sometime next week. I advise you and your family to be shown as much caution as possible.”
I wonder what all of this means.  I have so many questions that might never be answered. 

Cold air and doubt rush over me as mom opens the blinds. I peek outside where yet another fight is happening. A white male dressed in a gray uniform is yelling at Jake, who isn’t even doing anything, as confirmed by his mother. Jake and Mrs. White don’t deserve the trouble. Jake is autistic, and anyone who ever tried to touch him knows that he will become a danger even to those he loves and cares about. It isn’t his fault. 
He is terrified. 
I watch in horror as the official lays his hands on Jake, then pushes him backward. 
“I’ll go talk to him. You get dressed.” Mom’s face is beet red and her fingers are biting into her palm in a state of rage.
Today I am wearing a black metallic skirt and a turtleneck. Hearing mom yell makes me cringe, but I know she is trying to protect Jake. 
I walk down the stairs, grabbing my edu-pad. I once saw a backpack at a museum where I read that they were ubiquitous. Why did people treat children like pack animals? The edu-pad has a magnetic buckle that you can strap to the back of your desk. I always forget to unstrap mine when the panic alarm goes off and we head for the bomb shelter.  The houses we live in now are in similar to the ones people have in the 2010’s,  an underground train system that we use to navigate our way through the town at night so officials can’t see what we were doing or talking about at night.   Will the bomb shelter and drills really ensure that we survive the end of the world? Doubtful. 
I’m trying to ignore Jake’s shrieks because they haunt me. He’s just a kid with no clue or quite physical - Mom doesn’t have a chance. 
“You’re hurting him! He’s just a child! What the hell is wrong with you?!” Her voice is breaking with elephant tears, audible but invisible. Jake is released from the officer’s grip and runs into our house where I hurry downstairs to meet him. I am the only one he hugs. While he clings to me, I soothe him, repeating the word “okay” over and over. 
Nothing will be the same after this. But I am not about to break his heart and tell him that people who are different from him are marked for execution. Too horrible to say out loud. People like Jake and people like me are killed every day. I heard from mom and a few of my teachers that this is unbearable. The officials seem to be taking it a lot more serious than we bargained for.  It is an awful, intolerable truth none of us want to believe. It makes me sick that sooner or later Jake and I won’t be here anymore. How can my Mom bear it?  Mrs. White? Jake’s torture eases as he slides into sleep.  I watch his stomach move up and down in time to his heart.  I will be a witness, I will h watch Jake die. They have an official name for this elimination. It’s called humanity zero. I don’t have a clue why they call it that so don’t ask.  

Mom storms in. No smile, just a decisive glare. 
“Pack up.” She choked on her words. I didn’t dare question her. Mom crossed the line trying to protect a child from the hands of a monster in the form of a human being. At first, I just stared at her like she’s gone absolutely insane. Her eyes tell me something different, however. She’s frantic. 
“You need to get packing now, Annabeth!” This was the first time she has ever yelled at me. I scurried to my bedroom to get a large suitcase from one of my closets. Now that I'm thinking about it, will I ever see my father again?
I don’t understand a goddamn thing! I throw clothes into the empty suitcase that was once filled with memories of a vacation from when I was younger.

The sun was hot, burning my pale skin to a crisp. I was laying on a towel, while mom slathered sunscreen on me for the 30th time. I felt a ray of sun pierce through my knee. This kind of stuff was drawn to me. It was a gift and a curse to be pale with red hair. Today was one of those days where it was a curse. We went back to the hotel around 4 o’clock for dinner. Hotels were my favorite thing. This vacation would be the last, considering all the drama my parents are stirring up. 

Everything was about to change. I was going to be pulled away and stripped bare of anything that was familiar to me. I closed and latched both sides of the case. I felt the tickle of tears streaming down my rosy cheeks. For the rest of my stroll down the stairs, Jake appears in my thoughts for a brief moment. I saw him and smiled. A smile that meant love and hope. He looked over at me with a gloomy smile. Something wasn’t right. Mom looks at me after wiping her eyes.  Everything happened so fast. It began with four government officials tearing our door down to get inside. I screamed. 

“What the hell?!”  Mom was shaken by the audacity of these men. Jake had run off, and from the corner of my eyes, I saw him slip up to a cabinet that everyone thought was just for blankets but could hide ten to twenty people when needed. It was Jake’s favorite place. My heart sank when they took mom away. 
“Please don’t take her! She was trying to protect him.” I tried pushing one of the officials holding her away, but he was too strong. The other one jabbed a large baton, striking me to the ground.

Everything went black.  

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