We Can Only Imagine

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This poem reflects on the tragic Holocaust. I did a long unit on this in school and it hit me harder than anything. I hope that whoever reads realizes and connects with these struggles as I did. Though many of us will never ever be able to completely connect, just imagine the pain that some people go through everyday dealing with the pain from this event, but this is just the thing, we can only imagine.

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011




Only Imagine 


Quietly we sat and waited your arrival,

When your troops came upon us we were stricken withfearand their fists,


 We were plucked out of our cozy homes, packed up and shipped off to 


somewhere we most definitely didn’t deserveto go,


Upon our arrival we were treated with nothing but gruesome brutality,

We turned into nothing but numbers and to you a waste of space,


Everyday we wondered when the madnesswas going to end,

But you never seized to amaze us.

Each day we got small rations of food, and sometimes none at all,

Most withered away to nothing, only the strong survived,

And those who didn’t die from lack of food died from lack of respect,

The ones that did make it to the end have a story to tell,

A story of thecourage, theendurance, andpain,

They have to tell of all that were lost and forgotten in the rubbish,

After all it is their right to tell of what happened all those years ago,

In those dark times from1939-1945,

Their tale to tell of despair and destruction,

The words left unspoken by those who never got the chance,

We can only ...imagine.


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