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So many wonders encountered, and yet she awaits breathlessness...

Submitted: October 16, 2014

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Submitted: October 16, 2014





I watched in awe as oceans swelled by silver moon’s demands

And listened to the symphonies played by the masters hands

I laid upon the sweetness of the grass in its embrace

I closed my eyes and felt the flakes of snow upon my face




My fingertips have tingled at the touch of velvet threads

My heart has pounded strongly at an unexpected dread

My eyes have spilled warm tears at many joys and many sorrows

And I have been elated by the hopes of new tomorrows




I smelled the jasmine and the rose on heady summer days

I watched the sunset golden in a blazing ember haze

I dreamed whilst staring deeply at a candle’s dancing flame

And held onto the dreams as in my heart they burned the same




I tasted food upon my tongue delighting in their savours

I walked beneath the stars and in the rain for all its favours

I heard a new born baby take its wondrous maiden breath

I wept as loved ones faded in the moments of their death




But never once with all these wonders have I ever been

As breathless as I know I could from One who fills my dream

And so I wait in silence, never shown and never told

For what will be my deepest breath, the one I long to hold.




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